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WebSite Auditor’s New Improved Onpage Optimization Formula

Link-Assistant.Com | Posted in category Link-Assistant.Com News SEO Tools

website-auditor-updateThe key component of a successful search engine lies in its ability to understand natural human language. All the major search engines realize that and are constantly evolving their algorithms to better identify user's intent and deliver relevant results. Search engines know a lot about our language: they can decipher word forms and derivatives, acronyms and synonyms, and so on.

As SEOs we should by all means take advantage of that when optimizing our web pages. And to help you in this task we've released a new version of WebSite Auditor with an improved onpage optimization formula. Let's see what's new.

  • Revised calculations: we've revised, tested and updated the calculations and optimization score formulas to give you the most objective stats on your content.
  • Word forms of your target keywords are now included into all keyword stats. Plural forms, verb tenses, derivatives, possessive cases, etc. are taken into account so that you can optimize your web pages while retaining the natural flow of your content, target a wider set of keywords and optimize for all possible keyword variations.
  • Keyphrase constituents: WebSite Auditor now gives you data and optimization advice not just for your target keyphrase but also for all the words making up that phrase which ensures that you never over-optimize your pages.

Now let's see how it all works.

Optimizing for Word Forms

If you run a search on Google for [rent car] you'll see that in the search results Google bolds [rental car], [rental cars] and [car rental] together with the initial query.

rent-car-serpThat means Google considers [car rental] and [rental cars] to be very similar to the actual query [rent car] and you can effectively optimize your page for the whole keyword set. There's no need to stuff all the keyword variations in your title, h1 and other page elements. You can vary them across your web page, so that your content flows naturally and is well optimized for all the keywords: [rent car], [car rental] and [rental cars].

WebSite Auditor now treats these keyword variations like the search engines do and gives you optimization advice based on this approach. The software will include the word forms of your target keyword into all calculations: keyword density, keyword prominence, etc. and will highlight them in each HTML element both on your page and on those of your competitors. So if your targe keyword is [rental car] Website Auditor will also treat [rental cars] as the same keyword, if your target term is [car rental], [car rentals] will also be included into calculations.

Looking at Constituent Keywords in a Phrase

When ranking sites for multi-word key phrases Google and other search engines look not just at the instances of the full phrase on the page, but also at the usage of the constituent words. For example, if you Google [free browser games] you'll see the constituent parts of the keyword highlighted in the search results as in "Free online Browser Based Games site".


The new version of WebSite Auditor also scans your pages for the words that make up your target keyword phrase and gives you detailed data and optimization advice for each of them.

So, if you're optimizing your web page for the keyword [free browser games] in the WebSite Auditor's report you'll see data on your full key phrase as well as on [free], [browser] and [games].

Such advanced approach to onpage optimization helps you get ranked for your targeted keywords and avoid over-optimizing. Your content won't sound as if it was written for search bots and still will be 100% optimized for all your critical search terms. Plus, this way you can optimize each page for a wider array of keywords and keyphrases.


Try the New Version and Update Your Optimization Scores

As usual, to get the new version, simply restart the software to kick-start automatic update or download manually. This is just the first step in a big update that's going to turn WebSite Auditor into a one-of-a-kind tool with a holistic approach to onpage optimization. There're more cool new features coming out so stay tuned.

We're looking forward to hearing what you think of the new WebSite Auditor. All your feedback is greatly appreciated.

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