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Here's a love-filled surprise for your happiest Valentine's Day

It's Valentine's day! Love is in the air, it is all around and our hearts sing with love to you!

We want to say thanks to all our users for supporting us and for being with us for the past 7 years — you're simply amazing! We love you. We really, really do. So much so, that words are not enough and we've put them all in a very special, true and sincere love song. A love song to what is so dear to you and what SEO PowerSuite takes care of day and night — your website.

Just enter your site's URL and let loads of our love pour upon you in this Valentine's serenade to the best website across the web:

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May this love-filled, funny and sweet serenade make you and your friends smile and make your Valentine's day happier!

Feel free to use this song on your site or anywhere across the web, share the Valentine's fun with near and dear or even use it as your website's personal ad. And spread, spread, spread your love across the world, so that it surely returns to you!

Happy Valentine's