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Google changes its algos again – get ready for
Penguin 1.1!

Hardly a month ago Google's Penguin update has shaken the search results, and now the new version of the Penguin went live.

It's not yet clear what the Friday's update covers and how crucial it is. But as the original Penguin, though said to be an "anti web-spammer", affected not only black-hat, but also some legitimate sites, you'd better be on the watch now, not to get hit by another algo change.

That's why today we've put up for you:

  1. A set of 4 training videos of your main anti-Penguin protectors – WebSite Auditor
  2. A brief summary of our advice on how to survive the new wave of Google's Penguin with SEO PowerSuite.

Ok, it's just the time to launch your SEO PowerSuite and Penguin-proof your website. Read on!

So, how to protect and improve your rankings in Google's Penguin updates?

WebSite Auditor

1) Spot ideal keyword density + eliminate duplicate content issues

First of all, take care of your website on-page. To show you how quickly and easily you can do that with WebSite Auditor from SEO PowerSuite, we've made up a series of 4 WebSite Auditor training videos. Just jump to our Video training center for these easy-to-follow manuals:

In brief, what you need to take care of is:

  • Eliminate keyword stuffing issues: calculate the ideal keyword density – the one used by your currently top-ranking competitors. If that technique lets your competitors rank top, than this is the key to creating what Google sees as relevant and non-spammy content!
  • Eliminate duplicate content: make sure all of your pages have unique titles and meta descriptions, and use robots.txt file to hide from Google's eyes any types of duplicate pages.

WebSite Auditor

2) Cut out a perfect backlink profile

The second guarantee of your Penguin immunity is clean backlink profile. So polish your backlinks with SEO SpyGlass from SEO PowerSuite:

  • Close-examining your top-ranking competitors' backlinks to know for sure, what Google now sees as natural and trustworthy backlink profile.
  • Analyze your own backlinks, shape up their anchors and instantly spot any links you'd better get rid of.

WebSite Auditor

3) Keep track of how your and your competitors' rankings change

  • Keep the closest eye on your rankings to instantly react on any changes in your positions.
  • Monitor your competitors rankings ups and downs to learn by their mistakes whenever you see their rankings drop – you can use your Rank Tracker from SEO PowerSuite.

Note: Even if you've already optimized your website for Penguin, run the check again and see if the requirements have changed in your niche with Penguin 1.1 launched.

Note 1: Penguin 1.1. is reported to recover some websites affected by the original Penguin. If your site was affected but haven't recovered yet, you may need to apply some deeper changes. Run checks with WebSite Auditor and SEO SpyGlass again to close-examine your content and backlinks.

4) And finally… Don't panic!

Just like the SEO world is getting mad about Penguin today, it was agonizing over Google Jagger Update back in 2005. Before Jagger, there was Florida.

Over the last 10 years, Google was supposed to ruin SEO no less than 6 times - here's a retrospective of most hyped-over Google Updates, each and every one of which was perceived as SEO's Doomsday.

None of the SEO apocalypses ever happened, so why on earth would it happen now? Don't fly into panic, learn from SEO history and…

Keep your website perfectly matching the changing Google's quality standards with SEO PowerSuite.

Grab your SEO PowerSuite now to protect and improve your rankings in the new wave of Penguin update!