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Local Rank Tracker Tool
Monitor your local search rankings in any city and any country!

  • Organic rankings
  • Local pack rankings
  • Map rankings
for any city
& country
Track all keyword rankings that matter
to your local business — with local Rank Tracker search!

It's no secret that local SEO is on the rise — two searchers standing just several miles away from each other now get completely different online search results in Google. Not to mention people searching from two different cities or countries!

And depending on the searcher's location, Google not only customizes the top 10 organic results on the page. It inserts a very specific "Local Pack" block into the SERP, listing 3 local businesses and a link to the Maps view.

Do you know where your site ranks in each of these local search result types in the particular city you target? Do you want to find your business in the localized shortlist of Google Places? Or are you looking for the right tools for local SEO to get accurate local rankings?

Start tracking local search rankings with Rank Tracker!

With the option to check local SEO rankings in any search engine, Rank Tracker gives you the most complete picture of your site's performance and progress in terms of local SEO. Working with local search rankings is now simple and convenient.

Track accurate local rankings in any city and country
Schedule your local search rank checks to run on autopilot
Report on your local search rankings' progress to your clients or boss
Check your local SEO rankings — in any location!
Rank Tracker monitors local pack, maps, and organic search ranking results in any city and country.

Ready to dig into the local search keyword data and track all local pack rankings of your business? Then here's how you can do that with Rank Tracker's local finder features.

Checking local rankings for desktop and mobile in Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.
  1. Run Rank Tracker.
  2. Create a new project and specify your project info on Steps 1-3.
  3. At Step 4, press the Add More Search Engines button and select those search engines where you would like to track local rankings: Google, Google Mobile, Bing, Bing Mobile, Yahoo, Yahoo Mobile, and many more:

  1. After the analysis is done, check the Rank Tracking dashboard to see how you or your competitors rank for local keywords.

Checking rankings from your own location

Say, you run a Seattle-based plumbery and need to check Google rankings the way your neighbor John sees them. Then all you need to do to get this local search Rank Tracker data is:

  1. Launch Rank Tracker.
  2. Create a new project and specify your project info on Steps 1-3.
  3. At Step 4, press the Add More Search Engines button and pick "Google", " (Maps)", and " Mobile" as your preferred search engines.

  1. When your rankings are checked, right-click on the name of any column in your workspace to enter the workspace editing mode. Add the selected search engines to your active columns.

  1. Now you can see how your website ranks in organic results and the local pack as well as its Maps rankings on Google for the customers from Seattle:

  1. You can repeat the same procedure for Yahoo local, Bing local, or other local results.

Checking rankings as if from a certain location

Say, you are a company with offices in different towns, an agency with clients all around the world, or you're simply away on holiday and need to track local citations you have back home.

Then what you need to do to get this data with the help of local Rank Tracker functions is:

  1. Launch Rank Tracker.
  2. Create a new project and specify your project info on Steps 1-3.
  3. At Step 4, press the Add More Search Engines button and create custom search engine for the desired location by pressing the "+" button next to your preferred search engine.

  1. Repeat the same process to create custom search engines for all your other selected search engines for any location you target or to track multiple locations.
  2. Now you can see local rankings for your multi locations and track accurate rankings of your website in organic results, the local 3-pack, and maps rankings in the different geo locations you've specified:

Monitor all your organic and local search rankings,
set rank tracking for multi locations, and see exactly where you're ranking in any city — with your maps ranking tool
Rank Tracker is so much more than a local rank checker.
Check out all of its powerful features!

With local rank tracking and a whole lot of other fantastic time-saving features, Rank Tracker is everything you need for quick and accurate SEO rank tracking + in-depth keyword research.

Unlimited rank tracking

Track any number of sites and keywords in any of the 550+ supported search engines. Get all the data, both for desktop and mobile, in real time, exactly when you need it most.

Competitor rank monitoring

Keep an eye on competitors' rankings along with your own to see how effective their SEO strategies are.

Comparing rankings with ANY date in the past

Choose to compare your current ranking positions with the best or worst, previous or the first ever result. Or even set a custom date for comparison.

Checking if the right pages rank in search results

Associate specific landing pages with keywords and get notified when the wrong page shows up in the SERPS.

20+ powerful keyword research methods

Pull hundreds of keyword ideas with the widest selection of advanced keyword suggestion mechanisms and various sources on the market.

Keyword Efficiency and Difficulty

Estimate how profitable and easy-to-rank-for each keyword is using Rank Tracker's unique and reliable algorithms.

Track Google SERP features

Google search listings now consist of two types of results: regular and specialized (images, videos, news, local pack, featured snippets, and more). When you enable the Track multiple results for keyword mode in Rank Tracker, you can check rankings for 15 types of such SERP types.

Fully custom white-label ranking reports

Move widgets around, adjust color schemes, brand your reports with company and customer logos — and do that via the drag-n-drop editor to instantly see the difference!

AdWords and Analytics integration

Get data on search volume, visits, bounce rates, and other metrics directly from your Google AdWords and Analytics accounts.

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lowest possible price.
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