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Now save time on site checks and get a handy view of all issues with the new tool!
  • Get a clear overview of all site's SEO issues
  • Discover the details page by page
  • See which site's areas need attention first
  • Get professional SEO tips for every issue
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Get a healthier website and higher search engine ranks!

Site errors can be a flag to the search engines — if your site has signs of poor quality, why would Google give you high rankings? Taking care of site's health should be your SEO step number one!

Most SEOs do know this, but only few are skilled to identify and fix all site errors.

That's why we've created the new profound module in WebSite Auditor — Site Audit! It works super-fast and is easy to use even for someone with zero SEO knowledge.

With the new smart Site Audit dashboard, you can:

1 Run the complete health check and see how
many errors your site has

Setup is a snap. Simply launch WebSite Auditor, and under the first tab you'll spot the new Site Audit tool.

At the very top, you can see a short summary of all errors and warnings found for your website.

2 View all issues that put your SEO at risk

Switching between the factors on the left, you'll see the detailed check results and instructions for more than 20 structure, coding and onpage issues.

These issues include:

Indexing and crawlability errors — pages restricted from indexing, pages with 4xx/5xx status codes, robots.txt and sitemap.xml setup.

Redirects — pages with 302/301 redirect, pages with rel="canonical", pages with refresh.

Encoding and technical factors — pages with Flash and frames, "heavy" pages, etc.

Issues with URLs — dynamic URLs and URLs that are too long.

Links — pages with too many outgoing links, broken links, dofollow external links.

On-page issues — empty/duplicate/too long titles, empty/too long meta descriptions, thin-content pages.

3 Get actionable recommendations on fixing every issue

When checking out your site's issues, you can also rely on built-in recommendations that describe the issue and help you fix it.

To view the tip, simply choose the necessary factor and press the Recommendation button

4 Update the stats in a single click

After you fix anything on your website (e.g., remove duplicate title tags), you can get back to the Site Audit and press the Update button.

The tool will re-crawl your website and refresh the stats in the table.

More useful WebSite Auditor features!

That's not all! WebSite Auditor offers more sweet features to fine-tune your website:

  • Generate Google-friendly XML sitemaps and robots.txt files

Just select the pages you wish to include, and WebSite Auditor will instantly generate a Google-friendly XML Sitemap for your site and will upload it to the search engines.

  • Optimize the content of every page of your website

With WebSite Auditor's content optimization module, you can supply search-engine-friendly content for each of your website's pages, whatever topics they cover.

  • Compare your pages with 10 top-ranking competitors

Compare your pages with search engine leaders to estimate your current chances to gain the traffic-winning positions. And get advice to tailor your own pages to effectively compete in your business niche.

  • Uncover competitors' onpage optimization strategy

WebSite Auditor allows you to unveil winning onpage optimization methods of the 10 leading websites in your niche — all in a matter of seconds.

  • Boost productivity with top-notch optimization reports

WebSite Auditor analyzes your website rocket-fast and then conveniently fits all results into a website audit or content optimization report that's easy to understand even for a non-professional optimizer.

  • Customize the software for your personal needs

Add and remove the workspaces, use filters and quick search, setup your language and choose a color scheme — this software is designed to be 100% flexible and convenient.

Site Audit is a must-have all-in-one dashboard for anyone working on websites — whether you are a professional webmaster, or an SEO assistant — you'll find this tool really helpful.

Your site's success is right in your hands — go on and try out the quicker and easier way to free your website from SEO bugs and errors!

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