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Searching for Rank Tracker serial or torrent?

If you've spent some time looking for Rank Tracker torrent or crack you should have learnt by now that none of them works. Although there are a lot of Rank Tracker warez downloads, torrents, cracks, keygens and serials out there the truth is they are completely unusable.

Perhaps you're asking yourself why. There are lots of crack sites with keygens and serials for almost all software. You can easily find a torrent for any tool and use it without giving a cent to the developers. Although the trick seems to work for most type of software, with Rank Tracker it doesn't. Here's why.

Why Rank Tracker hacks don't work

The truth is that every time you run Rank Tracker on your computer the software connects to our remote server in order to verify your registration key. We have a special database with all official license keys and the app will only work if the key you're using is registered in the database. Naturally the keys generated with warez keygens are not in the database and never pass verification.

What happens if you use a Rank Tracker crack

In a rare case some cracked activation does make it through verification. But the serial is soon detected and the software gets locked.

As you know all SEO tools depend on the ever changing search engine algos. Google for instance slightly alters its ranking algorithm every two weeks. Registered Rank Tracker users don't even notice the change since we are always quick to adjust the tool to the new algo. But when you use a hacked reg key you don't get software updates. As a result you can't check your rankings in Google, get keyword suggestions based on Google services, etc. Next day Yahoo! changes its algo and stops working for you as well, and then you lose Bing, Ask, and so on. In a couple of weeks all of the 597 supported search engines stop working and your crack is useless.

When you don't get an automatic software update our server detects that you're using a crack, locks the software and blacklists your computer. As a result you may lose your ranking data and Rank Tracker may stop working on your computer even when you get an official registration key.

If you have used any Rank Tracker craks, torrents, keygens or similar warez on your computer and now experience problems with an official license contact our support.

How Rank Tracker Professional is better then any torrent

Although it may seem that serials and cracks can save you some money, the bitter truth is they only waste it. How many hours have you spent looking for Rank Tracker torrents and keygens to find out none of them really works? If you opted for Rank Tracker Professional and used that time to discover new keywords, monitor your site's performance and explore the ways to improve it, your time and money would have paid off by now.

Yes, a crack doesn't cost you anything but it doesn't earn you anything either. The only thing you get with it is trouble. First, using cracks, torrents and keygens is theft and you're breaking the law when you do it. Second, most hacker websites spread malware and every time you look for cracks you set your computer at high risk. And to crown it all, Rank Tracker cracks and torrents aren't worth your time simply because they don't work.

On the other hand, Rank Tracker Professional license is priced at $14900 but the benefits you get for your investment far outweigh the price. Rank Tracker Professional allows you to:

  • check your site's rankings in 597 search engines
  • monitor an unlimited number of websites and keywords
  • keep your ranking history
  • get access to 10 cutting-edge keyword research methods
  • run detailed keyword analysis
  • discover profitable keywords and niches
  • generate flexible ranking reports
  • and much more

By investing in Rank Tracker Professional you not only save at least 2 hours on rankings checks every day but also get valuable rank statistics. This data allows you to enhance your SEO strategy, better your rankings and stream more traffic to your site. Obviously, this way you can earn way more then you could ever save with a crack, even if they did work. Moreover, you can act with confidence knowing Rank Tracker is a no-risk investment. We guarantee a 30-day Money Back period. If Rank Tracker doesn't deliver what we promise, you get a full refund.

Cut your SEO load and make your website perform better. Place a secure order online to get the full functionality of Rank Tracker and boost your productivity.