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Some software packs pay back faster!

Pick the most wallet-fattening toolkit for your SEO business. As soon as you equip your SEO business with software, hands down it's saving you loads of time and brings packs of cash in profits while you hunt for clients and lazily click a couple of buttons (yaaaawn).

However that's not the exact purse-tightening way our tools work. Some far-seeing guys know how to press all juice out of their SEO software. We were curious to know how, aren't you? Read on, as you're about to get advice that hundreds of search engine optimization services lacked in due time.

We got feedback from 754 well-off SEO firms who chose our software from January to August 2009. They differ from small home-based one-man businesses to huge Web promotion services with six-digit turnovers. For your advantage we put together data from our most successful clients — as much as they allowed to share.

All thriving businesses, no matter how big they are, have a couple of things in common. Top-performing SEOs organize their service in a pretty much similar way, they have tools to go faster through their daily grind. And those who had extra-big business ambitions didn't wait till they can't keep pace with their growth. Most successful businesses got the right tools well in advance.

Just like they will rent a good office with AC and buy desks, clothes trees and computers with an operating system installed on each, they'll get necessary software for SEO and other needs.

So the #1 juice-forcing advice from fortunate SEOs is here:

Get the best fit of software when you're just getting on the track.

Some beginners think it's hard to guess what their business might need in the near future. Well, maybe. But as soon as you know how most services organize their work, some things for your own SEO firm are quite easy to predict. Especially now when we're disclosing a bit of our own commercial secret.

Take a look at the workflow of powerful SEO businesses and see exactly where SEO tools are helpful. Then glance over the most rewarding (and the most popular) software combinations (from the experience of real users), and we'll let you have any of them at unbeatable prices.

Read on to things that maximize your chances of making the right choice.

Check how SEO companies use their software.

From what hundreds of companies let us know, the ways SEO businesses go through their work don't differ a lot. As soon as a service gets a client's order, they're involved in a pretty typical cycle. Let's take peek.

Here's the ordinary task: take the newly-built website and optimize it so that it fills the owner's pockets with cash.

SEO workflow

So what software suite fits this pattern best?

The ultimate suite that covers all SEO tasks is SEO PowerSuite which includes 4 tools:
Rank Tracker, WebSite Auditor, SEO SpyGlass and LinkAssistant.

As the workflow diagram shows, each of SEO PowerSuite tools does its own part of an SEOs' job, and all together they slash the time it takes to take care of each client. Anyone who thinks the same SEO job can be done by hand is wrong. Even website owners who optimize just one site, have software to speed up their work. Needless to speak of services with several hundred clients.

Professional version of SEO PowerSuite lets the user pull any SEO data and optimize as many websites as needed. And Enterprise, besides all professional features, allows to take this information outside the software. In simple words, it lets you print out, email or upload to a website all kinds of optimization reports — and make them easily available to your clients. That's why as soon as you've got your own SEO clients, at least one full Enterprise suite is a must.

Any license (Professional and Enterprise) lets you open your SEO projects on any computer where the software is installed. So you can take a project from a Professional tool, load it with Enterprise tool, and then send a report to a client.

Quite often SEO firms have several Enterprise and several Professional suites, depending on how many clients they have and how many employees are taking care of the clients.

Here are top 4 choices that SEO businesses make:

  • 1-person pack: 1 Enterprise suite
  • 3-person pack: 1 Enterprise suite + 2 Professional suites
  • 3-person pack: 2 Enterprise suites + 1 Professional suite
  • 5-person pack: 2 Enterprise suites + 3 Professional suites

And here's the diagram showing the share of each choice among 754 companies who bought full SEO PowerSuite this year:

SEO software models chart

Thanks to this statistics, we combined hot software packs, offering the best prices we could. You can now get the full software package for your SEO business at the lowest price. You can view our hot offers and buy your software smart right now. Or rather go ahead to check advantages of each hot pack and choose what fits your business best.

1-seat pack (1 Enterprise)

1-seat SEO office model

For a one-man business who's not planning to expand, all is simple. You need the one-seat Enterprise pack: Rank Tracker Enterprise + SEO SpyGlass Enterprise + WebSite Auditor Enterprise + LinkAssistant.

You do all research and optimization yourself, and you take care of timely reports, to keep dozens of clients happy.

How many businesses use this pack?

18% of total 754 companies have chosen this exact pattern in 2009, as for a one-man business it's the only efficient way. You can get this pack immediately, and save over extra .

"1 seat" = 1 Enterprise
Regular price: $1396 | 1-seat discount: 40%

3-seat pack (1 Enterprise + 2 Professional)
Hot burning offer!

This works best if your business numbers 3 people (or if you plan to have 3 people in the future). To work at all optimization tasks and do timely client reporting, you don't need to buy three Enterprise packs. Our users' experience shows that the best match is 1 Enterprise version of SEO PowerSuite plus 2 Professional suites. Saves pretty much cash and works easily: all three persons can do necessary research and website optimization, then all projects are copied or sent daily to one computer that has SEO PowerSuite Enterprise, and this computer sends reports to clients.

3-seat SEO office model

To give you a better idea of how this works, here's a simple example. Let's think you've got three computers on the network and you have to make high-quality printouts that the most advanced printers out there allow. We bet you wouldn't buy three tricked-out printers, one per each computer, right? You'd rather make all printouts on one printer connected to just one PC.

The same happens with reporting facilities that Enterprise version of your SEO software has. This three-man pattern works like clock-work: you've got three people doing the SEO job, then you pull all data together on one computer with Enterprise license, and send reports — and that's exactly what your clients are paying you for.

That's the big money-saving idea every SEO firm owner figures out sooner or later. Better sooner, right?

How many businesses use this pack?

This combination wins the biggest 63% in our rating: most businesses organize their workflow this way, and have combined their software exactly as below.

"3 seats" = 1 Enterprise + 2 Professional
Regular price: $2588 | 1-seat discount: 44%

Don't miss the hot offer for this 3-seat pack: you get it almost two times cheaper today.

3-seat pack (2 Enterprise + 1 Professional)

Another 5% of SEO businesses have the 2 Enterprise + 1 Professional suite.

3-seat SEO office model

The curious thing here: most businesses still keep client reporting on just one computer, and the second Enterprise license was purchased just in case. They could easily have a Professional suite instead, and save up to $448. If this suite seems appealing to you, check the offer:

"3 seats" = 2 Enterprise + 1 Professional
Regular price: $3388 | 1-seat discount: 44%

How many businesses use this pack?

Among both 3-seat packs, the previous one 1 Enterprise + 2 Professional has enriched much more guys, turned the most efficient and moneymaking — and the experience of 63% successful users speaks louder than words. Still the above pack 2 Enterprise + 1 Professional wins 5% of customers, which is also very impressive. So take a second to think of this offer as well — it may well turn the one you need.

5-seat pack (2 Enterprise + 3 Professional)

The winning combination for 5-seat businesses is 2 Enterprise plus 3 Professional licenses for full suites. 5-seat firms have much more clients, so to handle the day's load with ease and efficiency you'd need two managers to take care of clients' reports. Besides you'll quickly move SEO projects from one computer to another, making all computers interchangeable.

5-seat SEO office model

And here's our special offer for that:

"5 seats" = 2 Enterprise + 3 Professional
Regular price: $4580 | 5-seat discount: 50%

How many businesses use this pack?

Among all SEO businesses who own our software, 8% stick with this pattern.

We know many business owners are afraid to make a hasty decision.

What's the rush for — some ask.

You think it's easier to pack your firm with the right tools later, spreading the purchase in a few steps? That's what each Joe and Mary Average would assume. However here's a real-life example of how the packs really work.

If you're not sure yet what software package you need, just ask yourself: "How many people will work for my SEO business?" And the solution is here.

Just go through these most fat-generating SEO software packages once again:

Price Your save Businesses using this pack  
1 user
1 Enterprise
40% 18% Buy smart!
3 user
1 Enterprise +
2 Professional
44% 63%
Hot pack!
Buy smart!
3 user
2 Enterprise +
1 Professional
44% 5% Buy smart!
5 user
2 Enterprise +
3 Professional
50% 8% Buy smart!
Free lifetime functionality updates included in both packages!
Request a custom package

These packs turned most efficient for over seven hundred working SEO businesses already in 2009, so it's a complete no-brainer. At these unrivaled discounts, you just need to hit the chance to get your best fit at best price.

If none of the suites fits, you can ask us to make a custom package for you, for another combination of seats.

Chose what suits your business ambitions best? Buy your SEO software smart!

Have questions or want to get a custom special offer for a different number of seats? Contact Support!

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