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Is Web CEO enough for today's SEO? Check how to maximize effect of your link building.

If you have a search engine optimization program smart as Web CEO, did you ever think what else you might need? Could a program that unites several tools for different small SEO tasks still be better? Yes, Web CEO is really good when you want to save time doing the many routine SEO jobs, and we respect your choice.

But what if there's more than that to do? A unique task that makes you superior to other webmasters and gives you a winning advantage in SEO? This is building your SEO strategies based on competition research, and the only tool where it's possible is SEO SpyGlass.

If you still don't use your competitor's experience to start ranking high, you must be too rich.

No, honestly, you must be rolling in cash. Only a person whose bank account is too big and who hates the thought of making another extra penny with the website will not care about the virtues of having the #1 place in Google.

If the above is right and you're making money hand over fist and the sight of your Amex Black Card has already started to annoy you, don't read another single word of this page.

Because it was written for those guys who want to make their website a perfect sales machine and add some decent digits to their bottom line.

Still here? That's the right choice. Welcome! Right now you're going to learn more about the best cutting edge technique to leave your online competition well behind and get huge amounts of (targeted!) traffic converting into profit-generating sales.

But what does it all have to do with Web CEO?

Not too much, and that's the thing.

In fact we will not discuss Web CEO a lot this time. It's you who makes the choice and decides what SEO software to use. The only thing that you still should know, is what do you miss if you have Web CEO, and not another SEO tool.

So did it ever occur to you that to outrank your competition all you have to do is scrutinize their optimization strategy and improve on it? Are you using Web CEO? If the answer to both questions is Yes, then you'll definitely want to do competition research with your Web CEO tool, and this is basically the right thing to do. But only basically. Because you just won't do much.

And do you know about SEO SpyGlass — a tool that was made specifically for competition research? If you are serious about beating your competition in search engines, you must have already downloaded it. Unlike Web CEO that does several tasks, this tool targets an internet marketer's cherished aim, and without SEO SpyGlass that aim is incredibly difficult to reach: knowing exactly how your competition got their top search engine rankings and how to win these rankings for yourself. So if you want the answer to the question: "What steps let me push my site to the top of Google?" (or other search engines, hundreds of), the only tool that gives an answer is SEO SpyGlass.

Let's see why SEO SpyGlass, in contrast to Web CEO, gives you more chances to outrank your competition:

  • First of all, Web CEO doesn't have a tool specifically coined for competition research. It will gather some data about competition, in different parts of the software. But it will not outline the linking strategy of a specific competitor. SEO SpyGlass, on the other hand, is fully devoted to unveiling your competitor's most effective link sources and after that choosing the most profitable links for you.
  • Secondly, unlike Web CEO, SEO SpyGlass analyzes prospective link partners for a huge number of factors that influence your website's rankings directly.
  • And after all, SEO SpyGlass makes this analysis useful even to a most SEO-ignorant person: it creates a personal SEO Blueprint for you, where each step of your link building strategy is carefully explained.

Check what exactly Web CEO and SEO SpyGlass do to figure out most profitable links.

Feature SEO SpyGlass Web CEO Present in SEO SpyGlass Present in Web CEO
The domain of the linking site With SEO SpyGlass, you know which site links to your competition and therefore may wish to link to you as well. Besides, if you've got a link from a webpage, and its domain's address has your keyword in it, search engines will like a link from it better. Web CEO also allows to see the site's domain, for example Yes Yes
The exact URL from which the backlink stands. Some pages of the same site may be giving you different SEO value and send you different amounts of traffic. If you hover your mouse on any entry in SEO SpyGlass and click the small three-dot icon to the right of the column, this will open the exact linking web page in your browser. You can see what this page is about and whether it really corresponds to your topic. Sometimes you can even find info on how much an inbound link from this page would cost you. Web CEO only shows domains of the sites where you can request a link. You cannot see from which exact page your competitor is getting a good link. Yes No
Ability to find sitewide links You can easily see if a link comes from a homepage or from a deeper page. And if you group links by URL and compare all backlink pages in the column, you can easily identify sitewide links. These links are treated very specifically by search engines, and one sitewide link can sometimes cause a huge increase of rankings. As Web CEO only displays linking domains, there is no way to find sources of sitewide links. Yes No
Google PageRank of a domain SEO SpyGlass lets you know how big a domain's PageRank is. When a domain has a good Google PageRank value, you've got good chances to get some of the PageRank for your own page. Web CEO also displays Google PageRank for each domain. Yes Yes
Google PageRank of each page SEO SpyGlass shows the PageRank of the exact page where the link stands, at the moment it was last time announced by Google. While a domain PR can be 6, a page's PR may well be 0. So if you know PageRank of the exact page, you will know better, how much Google PageRank you can gain. Web CEO will not show Google PageRank of an inner page, it is only limited to domains. Yes No
The number of outbound links on the linking page SEO SpyGlass reports how many outbound links a page has on it. The more outbound links a page has, the smaller portion of its PageRank each of those pages it links to receives. If you're getting a link from a page with too many outbound links, possibly you won't be getting much of its PageRank. Web CEO shows the number of outbound links from the domain, which is not that useful if you're getting a link from an inner page. Yes No
The total number of links on a webpage With SEO SpyGlass you will get to know how many links total (outbound and inbound) a linking webpage has. As PageRank also gets passed to pages of the same site that a page links to (through the so-called internal links), it's good to know the total number of links a page has. You will not see the total number of page's or site's links in Web CEO Yes No
Link value of a potential backlink SEO SpyGlass uses a formula that includes a page's PageRank and the number of inbound and outbound links to estimate how much value a link would bring. The higher link value, the better results you should expect if you get a link like this. Web CEO does not use the formula for link value. Yes No
Marking pages that may provide the best link value To ease the choice, SEO SpyGlass marks potential link pages with colors from green to red, depending on link value. The best link value will come from the pages marked with green. You will not see any differentiation of pages based on link value. Yes No
Page's title SEO SpyGlass shows you the title of the page where a link stands. Keywords in the page's title matter a lot. Look at the titles to see which of them contain your keywords. Those that do can bring you better value. Web CEO displays the titles of sites' homepages. Yes Yes
Does a page really link back? Search engines do not update their indexes every day, and sometimes when they tell there is a link on a page, it is in fact no longer there. SEO SpyGlass checks if the link really exists, plus, it checks whether links are really taken into account by Search Engines (it will show if a link has a "nofollow" attribute). Web CEO only shows search engines' info. Yes No
Link's anchor text SEO SpyGlass displays the exact anchor text of each link. You can see the most effective anchor texts that your competitors are using, and sometimes even get an unexpected idea for your own anchors. You will not see anchor texts of your competitors' links Yes No
Link's anchor URL You can see the exact page of a competitor's site where the backlink points. This helps you decide where your own inbound links should lead. Web CEO does not display competitors' pages where backlinks lead. Yes No
IP address of the linking site That's a trick of SEO SpyGlass that allows you to follow search engines' logic. If you know the exact IP addresses from which links to your competitor come, you will find sitewide links that can be useful to you no less than to your competition. You can also see if your competition has links that're of no SEO value at all and cannot help increase your rankings. Web CEO does not identify IP addresses Yes No
Country of the linking site If you are optimizing your site for a local search engine, like, links from sites hosted in Germany will be more valuable to you than other links. SEO SpyGlass shows in what country each linking page is hosted. Web CEO in unable to find a country from where alink comes. Yes No
Retrieving contact info If you wish to request a link, you do not have to search for contacts manually. SEO SpyGlass finds emails of competitors' link partners. Use email addresses you see to contact site owners and discuss link exchange or purchase with them. Web CEO also retrieves necessary contact info. Yes Yes
Yahoo! and DMOZ listings DMOZ and Yahoo! are the most respected web directories that bring a lot of value to a website and its pages. SEO SpyGlass shows whether the linking website is listed there. Web CEO also pays attention to Yahoo! and DMOZ listings Yes Yes
Alexa traffic rank SEO SpyGlass shows you where a site ranks compared to all other sites, based on how much traffic they're getting monthly. This info is taken from and lets you see if a link is worth getting for traffic. Alexa traffic rank is displayed in Web CEO as well. Yes Yes
Domain age SEO SpyGlass displays domain age of each site, which has been quite important recently. Sites under 1 year old are considered very young, those from 3 years old and older are good. And, for instance, an 8-year-old site will get a lot of trust from search engines. Domain age is not displayed in Web CEO. Yes No

Without all these functions, Web CEO is still a respectful tool that gives you a hand in many SEO tasks. Some of them would be perfect time-killers if you'd do them by hand. Although SEO PowerSuite can do the same and is often a better alternative to Web CEO, that's not what the talk is about now. Let's be honest: if you decided to buy Web CEO, it will hardly fail to meet your expectations.

But if you wish to give your site a unique advantage over any other site in the niche, Web CEO isn't enough. Competition research isn't its strong point, and WebCEO won't coin you a personal optimization strategy like SEO SpyGlass does. Only in SEO SpyGlass your future rankings are guaranteed by today's success of the very top ranking guys.

Fancy moving steadily and confidently ahead of your competitors, getting flows of traffic unseen before and making a fortune selling your product or service. If this is what you wish, the most effective way here is only SEO SpyGlass.

SEO SpyGlass alone is more useful than a bunch of smaller SEO tools, because it gives you very specific information that no other software will give. This is the only tool that will let you see exactly what you need to do to get the top search engine position now occupied by someone else.

Just think — while you're reading this page and hesitating, you might pretty well be already moving to Google's top, if you had SEO SpyGlass. So don't waste a second of your time, try SEO SpyGlass (free edition) and use it as long as you want for free. And in the case you prefer a fully-functional paid version -

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