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Version 4.58.19
Run a full website audit with no limits.
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Find and fix all technical SEO issues related to your site's structure and coding
Reverse-engineer your competitors' on-page strategy to see what helps them rank high
Audit every resource on a site: URL, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, images, videos, and more
Visualize your site structure and uncover problems in your site architecture
Optimize the content of your landing pages and protect them from Google's penalties
Use the TF-IDF tool to improve your pages' topical relevance & authority
Analyze your Core Web Vitals and fix any issues related to page speed
Discover all the crawlability and indexing issues to enhance your visibility on SERPs
Generate a Google-friendly XML Sitemap and robots.txt file for your website
Build professional on-page optimization reports to impress your clients or to monitor your site's progress
What’s new in version 4.58.19

Our team is committed to constantly refining our software, consistently rolling out updates for better functionality and user experience. You can easily access the full update history of WebSite Auditor whenever needed.

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Version 4.58.19
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