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WebSite Auditor collects all pages of your website, seen or unseen to search engines, and gives you the whole picture of your website's structure. The pages are neatly arranged into a tree-like list so that you can conveniently analyze your website's architecture or each of the pages separately.

You are let loose to core-deeply analyze your website's link structure, HTML coding, popularity characteristics and other important aspects that may influence search engine rankings and indexing rates. Check dozens of vital factors for each and every page of your website in a single mouse click or request some more factors you need.

In just a few clicks, WebSite Auditor creates an XML Sitemap with all pages you want to include, uploads it onto your site via FTP and automatically submits the Sitemap to search engines to ensure they instantly notice any changes on your site.

At any moment whenever you need it, you can fine-tune the information layout in your workspace in WebSite Auditor: add or hide columns with analytical data, filter or sort the records by any characteristic, use quick filter for instant search or even group your pages in a tree-like catalogue by a chosen factor.

WebSite Auditor lets you analyze and optimize the content of each individual page. It shows you how well your page is optimized right now, estimates your current chances to catch up with the top ranking guys and demonstrates how your top 10 search engine competitors got their positions. Get details on keyword density for the whole webpage and for each separate element of a webpage's code and export data in .txt, .xml, .html or .sql formats if you like.

WebSite Auditor will work for highly targeted optimization of your page content in 750 search engines. The software digs up loads of info on your website and on your competitors for the selected keyword in the selected search engine. It lets you identify smartest optimization techniques working best for your particular niche in the particular search engine you target.

In the Website tab in WebSite Auditor you can generate clear and logically built reports on all structural aspects of your website, its link structure and HTML-coding. This report also includes your domain's general statistics and popularity in social media.

In the Webpages tab you can generate various types of reports dealing with content optimization of each particular page: keyword use, top 10 ranking competitors' analysis, and so on. You can even look upon your page through search engines eyes in the special Search Engine View report.

The unique profit-boosting feature of WebSite Auditor is its optimization recommendations suiting even absolutely inexperienced SEO. Its reports were specially designed to make content optimization easy and understandable even for SEO newbies starting from scratch.

Switch to the Search Engines View Report and look at your pages exactly as search engines do. See how prominent your keywords will seem to Google and others, and what quick changes you can make to push up your site in search engines.

Like any other software in SEO PowerSuite, WebSite Auditor allows report exports in PDF for printout, as well as HTML. You'll easily do FTP uploading of the reports or email them right from the software.

Each on-page optimization report is customizable to include only the sections you choose. You can custom-brand reports with your (and/or your client's) company logo, make it match your brand colors and tune everything to your taste.

Customization of all kinds of reports
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WebSite Auditor
Version 4.50.14
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