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A message from our CEO: SEO PowerSuite will continue providing rank checking data

Link-Assistant.Com | Posted in category SEO Tools

On Friday another SEO software house, Raven Tools, announced that they're ceasing providing rank data in their set of SEO tools:

"Raven has decided to remove unauthorized Google data from our platform. As of 5 p.m. PST (GMT-8) on Jan. 2, 2013, we will no longer offer Google rankings and are eliminating our SERP Tracker tool in its entirety. Also, we will remove all data provided to us by SEMRush."

As a business owner myself, I can imagine it was a hard decision for the Raven team, and we're sincerely sorry they had to make it.

Rank data in SEO PowerSuite

Over the weekend, we've got an overwhelming amount of support requests from our customers who want to know if we at Link-Assistant.Com are about to make the same decision.

Our answer is no. We'll keep providing ranking data in SEO PowerSuite. Though this data is not provided through Google AdWords API, we believe our users will benefit from it because:

  • Rank data is the core metric for SEOs. Although new metrics keep coming into play, it is rankings and reporting on rankings SEOs and webmasters long for in SEO software. And we'll keep providing those.

Special offer for Raven users

Commenting on the company's decision, many Raven users expressed regret and said they'll have to look for the replacement as they've been relying heavily on ranking reporting as SEO service providers.

For a limited time only, any current user of Raven tools can contact us to request a 5% on Rank Tracker and 10% discount on SEO PowerSuite.

-          Viktar Khamianok, CEO, Link-Assistant.Com

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