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Anti-CAPTCHA giveaway: win 30 anti-CAPTCHA keys for your SEO PowerSuite tools!

Link-Assistant.Com | Posted in category Link-Assistant.Com News SEO Contests

Here comes the sweetest bonus for all of our cherished SEO PowerSuite users!

For 2 days from now – August 29 and August 30 - we’re going to give out 30 anti-CAPTCHA keys (here's what anti-CAPTCHA is, and how it solves the common CAPTCHAs problem for you) valued $22.95 each! And any of you can grab these free goodies for simply coming to our website in the right time!

The rules:

- The anti-CAPTCHA giveaways run a few times a day, and there will be 6 giveaways total.

- We won’t tell you when exactly they start, but only hint on our social accounts (Facebook, Twitter), saying "the giveaway starts any moment within the coming 20 minutes!"

- To get a FREE anti-CAPTCHA key, you have to be among the first 5 people who spot when the giveaway opens and submit their emails into a special form that will show up on all pages of our site (except for blog and forum) as soon as the giveaway starts: 


So, here's what you do to win your FREE anti-CAPTCHA key:

  1. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter.
  2. Look for the hint saying another giveaway starts within the next 20 minutes.
  3. Then go to our website and keep your eyes open to see when the giveaway starts and a special submission form opens.
  4. Be among the first 5 people who submit their emails into the form.
  5. Get your personal anti-CAPTCHA key for 5,000 CAPTCHAs totally FREE!

Note1: Make sure you enter a valid email address, so that we could send you your key.

Note2: You can get any number of anti-CAPTCHA keys over the 2 giveaway days, but no more than one key per giveaway.

OK, the first giveaway is very soon to come!

Follow us on Facebook, Twitter now - get the hint when the giveaway starts and grab a FREE anti-CAPTCHA key for your SEO PowerSuite tools!

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