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New cheap way to free your SEO from CAPTCHAs – Death by CAPTCHA is now in SEO PowerSuite

Link-Assistant.Com | Posted in category Link-Assistant.Com News

Welcome a new cheap way to work with SEO PowerSuite without CAPTCHAs!

In addition to the good old in-built Anti-CAPTCHA service, SEO PowerSuite now supports the popular Death by CAPTCHA solution, which lowers your costs on CAPTCHA recognition 2-3 times.

We've been getting numerous requests from the community to enable Death by CAPTCHA in our tools, and we made that happen.

Work with larger data volumes even more conveniently

SEO PowerSuite is great at working with search engines. It has a variety of search safety features to let you safely perform multiple searches without any restrictions from search engines.

However, when it comes to large data volumes, even SEO PowerSuite would sometimes be interrupted by CAPTCHAs. To spare you from entering them manually, we've had SEO PowerSuite Anti-CAPTCHA service available in our tools for quite a while.

But our users were longing for a second solution to have a choice of anti-CAPTCHA services, and finally we found it!

Even better, you can now cut down on your CAPTCHA recognition costs by 200-300%, and all you need is enable Death by CAPTCHA (DBC) right in your SEO PowerSuite.

How to use the new feature

To enable Death by CAPTCHA in your SEO PowerSuite, follow these steps:

1. Create an account at Death by CAPTCHA.

2. Order the CAPTCHA package that suits you most.

3. Enter your account details at Preferences -> Search Safety Settings -> CAPTCHA Settings -> Death by CAPTCHA and use the CAPTCHAs you purchased in SEO PowerSuite:

Many SEO PowerSuite users have been longing for a cheap anti-CAPTCHA solution, and we made that happen:

Death by CAPTCHA is now available in Rank Tracker, SEO SpyGlass, WebSite Auditor and LinkAssistant.

So if you've been in two minds whether SEO PowerSuite is the best solution for your online biz, now all your concerns are addressed:

Now you'll be spending way less on SEO PowerSuite maintanence, not to mention you'll get your SEO data on the fly.

P.S. Have other anti-CAPTCHA services in mind that we could connect to SEO PowerSuite? Share your ideas in the comments below!

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