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SEO PowerSuite FAQ: Can A Blocked IP Cause Site Penalty?

| Posted in category Search Engine Optimization SEO Tools

Many beginner users of our SEO PowerSuite tools are asking questions on search engines' temporary blocks (the ones that do not let them perform a search on Google for a while). What concerns users the most is whether these blocks are dangerous for a promoted site.

This blog post is to explain what these blocks are and why in fact they can not harm your site.

When you start using Rank Tracker or any other SEO PowerSuite application extensively you'll eventually get your IP temporarily blocked in search engines.

The main symptom is having to enter a CAPTCHA code accompanied by a "your IP address sends unusual traffic" message at Google (or any other SE for that matter, Google taken for convenience). This message and the CAPTCHA code definitely looks alarming to an SEO beginner.

As a result we are getting many questions like "will Google punish my site because of me using SEO PowerSuite?" at Customer Support dept. A short answer is: No. Now to the reasons why in more detail.

When an IP address sends unnaturally frequent queries that a human being would not normally send, Google uses that as an excuse to cut this IP address off from its' Web search. Naturally, SEO PowerSuite tools fit the description whenever more than one simultaneous task is set in Preferences -> Misc. global settings.

Google's goal is to unload their own servers, cutting off all automatic traffic, that is why your IP address' queries won't be answered by Google for some time (up to several hours).

Now, the block affects only your IP address and not your promoted site's IP. In fact there is no way your site's domain IP can be traced from your home/office IP, they are two different things.

Moreover, what Rank Tracker does is it only loads the search engine results' pages (SERPs) and looks for your promoted site's position, but once it finds the listing it does not "click" on the result containing your site.

None of our tools load your site at this stage, instead they simply leave the SERP, finishing the search. So from Google's point of view, your IP address queries that are loading SERPs for a certain keyword do not indicate what site it you are interested in. You could be promoting one of the thousands of results for the keyword, no one knows or can know which result that is.

For the sake of further illustration we can imagine the opposite is true, i.e. sending automated queries containing site-related keywords could penalize a site. The next minute after this becomes a known fact, Microsoft is going to be googling Apple, Coca-Cola will be googling Pepsi, and Justin Timberlake will be googling Justin Bieber — with a sole point of having their sites penalized and removed from SERPs.

Sounds absurd, right?

So, once again — the fact that you are querying search engines via SEO PowerSuite tools has only one consequence: your IP gets blocked from Web search because the search engines choose not to spend their server power on you. There are no other consequences for your site or business.

As we see, getting temporarily blocked by a search engine is a mere inconvenience commonly encountered by any SEO software user. SEO PowerSuite, however, has advanced built-in features that help you avoid and prevent these blocks, which makes our software the safest and the most flexible out there:

So please spend some time understanding search safety settings (you can read more on them here) and get the most from using our software without worries. Your site will not be penalized or banned from SERPs just because you’re gathering ranking data via your home or office IP address.

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