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SEO PowerSuite with Anti-CAPTCHA: Say Good-Bye to Google Blocks

Link-Assistant.Com | Posted in category Link-Assistant.Com News SEO Tools

seo-tools-with-anti-capthcaAs SEOs we constantly use search engines and we do it a lot. Really, a LOT.  Ranking checks, backlink checks, competition analysis… in fact almost any SEO task requires intensive use of search. That means we send a lot of queries to search engines daily, he-he.

We do it on such a scale that performing the searches by hand isn’t even an option. So we use SEO tools to get the job done. And that means more queries to the search engines.

Search engines in their turn don't like to render numerous automated queries because that puts extra load on their servers. For some reason they don't understand that SEO is research (something search engines were designed for) only of a specific nature. So they try to block us off with CAPTCHAs.


How many times have you seen this annoying message when doing your daily SEO routine? Good news is you won't have to see it again, ever!

The problem of CAPTCHAs, Google IP blocks, Google 403 errors, search engine IP bans, or whatever you call it is now solved for good. And that means no more unfinished tasks, unchecked rankings and delayed presentations because you were not there to fill out a CAPTCHA.

Ladies and gentlemen please welcome…*imagine drum-roll here*

…New SEO PowerSuite - the first SEO Software with Anti-CAPTCHA

We've teamed up with one of the best CAPTCHA recognition services to bring you a completely CAPTCHA-free working environment at the lowest price possible. Now you can use SEO PowerSuite tools and be 100% confident that you'll get your results on time every time.

Here's how it works.

You work with your SEO PowerSuite tools just the way you used to and whenever a CAPTCHA pops up – it gets manually filled out by CAPTCHA entry pros with no action on your part. In fact you don't even get to see the CAPTCHA, not to say worry about it. Sounds great, huh?

We tried it here at Link-Assistant.Com ('cause we use our software all the time) and we just love it. Hope you'll love it too and why shouldn’t you? We mean that's been one of the most requested features our users asked us for. The very top of the user wish-list.

But here's the fly in our delicious ointment – the Anti-CAPTCHA service is not free. It's a paid service, but we assure you that we make zero profit off it – you get the service at prime price and we do all the processing and integration for free.

In fact we'll even cover the costs for all incorrectly filled CAPTCHAs, so you only pay for those that worked. Moreover, we managed to get nice volume discounts from our partner, so you get the service at bulk prices. It's really as dirt cheap as it can get (see the prices here).

How to use Anti-CAPTCHA

To start using Anti-CAPTCHA you need to get an Anti-CAPTCHA API key. You can get one key for all SEO PowerSuite tools, or use a unique key for each tool in the pack, that's your call.

Then fire up the SEO PowerSuite tool that you want to use and go to 'Preferences' –> 'Search Safety Settings' –> 'CAPTCHA Settings'

Check the boxes next to 'Show CAPTCHA if queries are blocked' and 'Use Anti-CAPTCHA key'. Then enter your Anti-CAPTCHA API key into the form.


Click the image for the full size version

That's it. From now on CAPTCHAs are history. They won't be bothering you again.

You'll be able to monitor your CAPTCHAs count in the same window right below your API key.

This way you can always check how many CAPTCHAs you've left and extend your key before you run out of CAPTCHA breaks.

And if you click the 'Statistics' button you'll see the last ten CAPTCHAs solved, so you're in full control of the service and know exactly what you're paying for.


Click the image for the full size version

Minimizing the number of CAPTCHAs

The Anti-CAPTCHA service is a huge time saver, especially when you're doing SEO on a scale. But the service is paid, so you might want to use it sparingly. Here's how you can minimize the number of CAPTCHAs you get and save your hard-earned bucks.

1. Use other Search Safety features

Your first step to minimizing the number of CAPTCHAs you get is to use other Search Safety settings. Good thing there are plenty of them in SEO PowerSuite: Human Emulation, User agents and Proxy Rotation – all these features will ensure that you get as few CAPTCHAs as possible.

To learn more about these settings and how to configure them, go here.

2. Use Search Engine API keys

There are no CAPTCHAs for search engine API keys users and SEO PowerSuite tools support all major search engine API keys. However, keep in mind that the data you get via API is not always up-to-date and the number of queries you can make is limited.

3. Be aware of CAPTCA-heavy services

Some services will require more CAPTCAs than others. For example, Keyword Discovery (one of the keyword research methods in Rank Tracker) asks you to enter one CAPTCHA per seed keyword. So if you want to run a list of 100 keywords through the service you'll get 100 CAPTHAs.

Google AdWords Keyword tool on the other hand will give you just one CAPTCHA per 1,400 characters (around 200 seed keywords on average depending on their length). So be aware of what services you use.

4. If on shared IP use Task Scheduler

If you share one IP with other folks (for example at work) it might be a good idea to schedule large tasks to run at night when fewer people are likely to use same services from your IP.

However you use it, the Anti-CAPTCHA service will save you loads of time for more important stuff. And we bet you know how to use that time to make way more money than what CAPTCHA recognition costs. So grab a trial anti-CAPTCHA key and let us know what you think of the new feature.

P.S. As usual, simply restart your SEO PowerSuite tools to trigger automatic update, or download the new version manually.

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