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Searching for LinkAssistant serial or crack?

If you search the web for LinkAssistant torrents or cracks and try out a few you'll soon find out they never work. There are tons of LinkAssistant keygens, torrents, serials, keygens and all sorts of warez downloads out there but none of them really works.

You must be wondering why they don't work? Usually when you want to use paid software for free you can easily find a crack or unlock for it somewhere in the ever growing heap of warez sites. It seems to be working with most software products but not with LinkAssistant.

Why LinkAssistant serials and cracks don't function

Whenever you launch LinkAssistant it first connects to the Internet and reaches our remote server to check the license key you're currently using. There's a database where all officially generated registration keys are stored. LinkAssistant checks your license key against this database and if the key doesn't pass the verification the software won't work. As you understand if you're using a cracked key it won't be found in the database and will fail the verification.

Risks of using LinkAssistant cracks and serials

In a very rare case warez activators are not detected during verification. However, even if you manage to start the software with a cracked key it will be detected by our server and the application will stop functioning next time you launch it.

And that's not all. Every SEO software product on the web is dependant on the search engine algos. As you know search engines are constantly developing their services: they introduce new features, change their ranking algorithms and so on. If you take Google for example, their algo is updated several times every month. LinkAssistant users with official license keys may not be even aware of these changes because our software is immediately updated. But if you're using a hack or unlock you won't receive software updates. As a result the hacked copy of LinkAssistant that you use becomes outdated and you are not able to work with Google and pretty soon with all the other search engines.

But that's not the only inconvenience. As soon as you miss an automatic update your cracked key is detected, the application stops functioning, and your computer gets blacklisted. This may lead to loss of project data and form now on LinkAssistant may function incorrectly on your computer even with an official license.

If you have an official license and are experiencing problems caused by prior use of any LinkAssistant serials, cracks, unlocks, activators, torrents, keygens or similar hacks, please open a support ticket.

Don't waste your time on LinkAssistant serials, torrents and cracks

Though using cracks and torrents may look like a money saving option, in fact it's just a money waster. Sure, you don't pay a dime for keygens, but you get exactly what you paid for — nothing. Moreover, you take on unnecessary risks. It's not just that using cracked software is a crime and you violate the law by doing it. You also risk infecting your computer with malware each time you visit a hacker site looking for a LinkAssistant serial or unlock. And at the end of the day it turns out that none of these hacks work and you've just wasted your time.

The other option is to order LinkAssistant Professional for just $14900 and the return you'll get on your investment will pay off in a couple of weeks. The thing is that LinkAssistant slashes the time you spend on link building by 75-80% letting you build links faster and with greater efficiency. Here's a quick overview of the features you get with LinkAssistant and tasks they enable you to do:

  • search the web for relevant and quality link sources
  • analyze each website according to a vast variety of factors including but not limited to Google PR, Alexa rank, domain age, Yahoo! Link Popularity and many more
  • automatically acquire contact info and get in touch with webmasters
  • fill out link exchange forms in a click
  • easily generate well-structured and SE-friendly link directories matching your site's design and automatically upload them to your site
  • add a link exchange form to your resource pages
  • monitor your links and quickly check if your link partners are linking back
  • generate customizable link building reports
  • and many more productivity boosting features

LinkAssistant introduces intelligent automation to your link building process. What this means is the software does all the boring routine work for you leaving you up to 80% more time on analysis and strategic planning.

You can try LinkAssistant Professional at zero risk. If the software doesn't deliver the promised results we guarantee to fully refund you the money within a guaranteed 30-day money back period.