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Are ranking factors that are important to you checked by LinkAssistant?

Along with dozens of purely link building tasks, LinkAssistant lets you smartly analyze your own and your potential link partners' websites, to let you get a clear picture of how good any website is, and how profitable is the potential link.

Check out the list of currently supported ranking factors below. If your favorite ranking factor isn't supported yet, just let us know. Chances are, it will be there by the next release!

Now LinkAssistant checks these factors for your and your partner's websites:

  • Alexa Rank — the ranking of a website, based on the volume of traffic it's getting. The smaller the Alexa Rank figure, the more traffic-rich the website is.
  • Google Popularity of the website — the number of incoming links that Google search engine sees.
  • Yahoo Popularity of the website — the number of incoming links that Yahoo! search engine sees.
  • DMOZ (Open Directory Project) listing — checks whether the website is listed in the DMOZ online directory, which is highly trusted by search engines.
  • Yahoo! Directory listing — checks whether the website is listed in the Yahoo! Internet directory, which is also respected by search engines.
  • Domain Age — how long ago the domain was registered (older domains get more search engine trust)
  • Domain's IP address — the IP address of the server where the website is hosted
  • Number of Outgoing links — the number of links that point from the website to other websites.
    Total number of links — the number of links from the website to pages of any websites (links to the same site plus links to other sites).

Request Your Favorite Ranking Factor

If the ranking factor you need is not listed above, no worries. Just use the form below to submit a request, and we'll do our best to add your ranking factor as soon as we can. Thanks.

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