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Stop and resume your rank checks + edit rankings manually for SEO reports — 2 major feature updates in Rank Tracker!

Whether you optimize your own site, or take care of a dozen of websites, now you can spend less time checking rankings!

And if you ever need to report SEO results to your clients or boss, now you can make SEO rankings reports even more precise.

How's that? Welcome the 2 new features released in Rank Tracker today!

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What's new?

From now on, Rank Tracker lets you stop your rank checks and resume them right from the stopping point, without updating the rest of the ranking data. And this means that now you can:

Stop your rank check whenever needed and resume it over the day.

— Run a quick recheck only for the rankings you haven't checked today.

Thus now your rank checks run faster, with less traffic and bandwidth usage and even friendlier to search engines.

How does the feature work?

A new advanced mechanism now lets Rank Tracker use its cached ranking data whenever needed, and address search engines only for the rankings you haven't checked over the 23 hours period.

How to resume a rank check?

Whenever your rank check stops due to an Internet connection problem, or misses some data because of search engine's temporary data restriction, just press the Check Rankings button again. Rank Tracker will collect the missing ranking data only, without updating the just-checked results.

Free: Yes
Professional: Yes
Enterprise: Yes

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What's new?

Rank Tracker has lots of advanced settings for checking personalized results with maximum precision. Now it lets you check rankings in a particular version of Google, in a particular country and even in a particular state or city. However sometimes your SEO client may have an even higher degree of personalization that you know about and Rank Tracker doesn't.

That is why our users from SEO agencies like to imitate their clients' behavior and re-check rankings in a browser. And sometimes in these cases they find that the ranks their clients see differ from what anyone else sees and thus may differ from Rank Tracker's results.

We never recommended editing rankings manually, but we've got hundreds of requests from SEO agencies asking us to allow editing ranks in reports for clients. OK, now here it is!

You can now manually correct search engine rankings (the rank number and the ranking URL) right inside Rank Tracker, making your ranking reports even more precise.

How to edit rankings?

Now you can edit your site's rankings stored in a project — both current and historical:

1) Switch to the History Rankings tab

2) Select the entry to correct

3) Press the Edit button (see the screenshot above)

The new value will be automatically used in all your Rank Tracker's rankings reports
(Note: you need an Enterprise license to create ranking reports in PDF and HTML):

Free: No
Professional: No
Enterprise: Yes

To get the new features working, just download the freshest version from the website, or restart your Rank Tracker for an auto-update.

Why Rank Tracker?

The most reliable and feature-rich software for rank monitoring and keyword research

With these and a whole lot of other fantastic time saving features, Rank Tracker gives everything you need for quick and accurate rank monitoring + in-depth keyword research. And that is especially true about Rank Tracker's paid editions that offer:

  • Saving projects with history
  • Scheduling tasks
  • More competitors to track
  • Data exports and client reporting (for Enterprise license)

So if you're not yet using the full power of Rank Tracker, it's just the time to get your Rank Tracker license here.

Deepest insights into search engine rankings and traffic

Check rankings as if from different countries of the world

Monitor your competitors' rankings and compare them to yours

Track your universal search rankings

Schedule rank checks to run automatically

Get live traffic stats from Google Analytics

Generate professional eye-candy reports

The most profitable keywords for your SEO campaign

Discover profitable keywords you've been missing

See the best keywords to optimize your site for

No other SEO software on the market offers that many powerful eye-opening features. And you can now take advantage of them all within one convenient tool.

Just grab your Rank Tracker license now — discover hundreds of profitable keywords and learn where you and your competitors rank with the most feature-rich rank tracking software.



  • Check rankings in 554 Search Engines
  • Unlimited projects and keywords
  • Saving projects with history
  • Scheduling tasks



  • Check rankings in 554 Search Engines
  • Unlimited projects and keywords
  • Saving projects with history
  • Scheduling tasks
+ Report publishing/storage/emailing
+ Export of data