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Get the deepest ever insight into Google Analytics traffic stats inside your SEO software!

Solid traffic stream that converts into rising profit — that is your SEO campaign's primary goal, for sure. Knowing that, your SEO PowerSuite tools have long taken onboard the priceless website visits stats extracted from Google Analytics.

This killer feature has proved to help thousands of SEOs convert their SEO into maximum traffic and payoff. And with a wealth of new Google Analytics data, it's getting even better today:

Now with SEO PowerSuite you get the unseen before access to profound site traffic analytics right inside your SEO tools! This way you ensure that all your SEO efforts bring actual traffic and sales and justify the cost-effectiveness of each SEO step you take:

  1. Rank Tracker: get in-depth keyword traffic stats on clear-cut graphs
  2. SEO SpyGlass: find all backlinks bringing visitors to your site
  3. WebSite Auditor: spot your site's most visited pages

As usual, to get access to the new functionality, just restart your SEO PowerSuite tools for autoupdate, or download the hot-new SEO PowerSuite from the website.

Google Analytics in Rank Tracker

Rank Tracker
Now in Rank Tracker you can not only view the exact number of visits each keyword sends to your website from search engine, but:
  • Visualize your keyword traffic stats on clear-cut and eye-candy Visits graphs
  • Easily analyze different types of traffic data contrasted to each other
  • Compare keyword traffic stats over any period of time
  • See which of your keywords bring the audience that is really interested in your site's content, easily analyzing their Bounce rate metrics
  • Instantly view how your traffic rates depend on changes in search engine rankings: just switch between different types of informative Rank Tracker graphs

Google Analytics in SEO SpyGlass

SEO SpyGlass
The new SEO SpyGlass lets you use Google Analytics as one of the sources to search for your site's backlinks!

And this means that now you can:

  • Collect all backlinks that bring real visitors to your site.
  • Easily check how many visits each of the links brings.

With this unique feature you're in the full know of not only backlinks adding up to your site's SEO value, but those providing your with new visitors. Thus you can always decide what link sources work best for your biz niche.

Google Analytics in WebSite Auditor

WebSite Auditor

The new WebSite Auditor lets you quickly and easily analyze how many Visits each page of your site gets.

This way WebSite Auditor not only lets you optimize your entire website structure and pages' content, but also instantly spot your site's most visited pages, and make sure that these pages are perfectly user-friendly and convert well.

What if you're not using Google Analytics yet? Read more on how to easily start using Google Analytics traffic stats in SEO PowerSuite.

If you're not a Google Analytics user, there are three simple steps you have to accomplish to enable SEO PowerSuite to collect your website's traffic statistics:

  1. Register your Google Analytics Account (FREE)
  2. Insert a special tracking code into your pages' coding
  3. And configure your Google Analytics account in SEO PowerSuite tools just as it's described in the video above.

This way SEO PowerSuite will be able to retrieve visits data through the account you've registered. And the beauty is that you don't have to know how Google Analytics works — SEO PowerSuite will do the work for you and show you only the needed information in the clearest possible way.


Get the real value out of your top search engine rankings:
tune websites for TRAFFIC and PAYOFF with Google Analytics at hand!

  • Get the complete picture of how your SEO efforts drive traffic to your website.
  • Use Google Analytics data in easy-to-follow and intuitive SEO PowerSuite wizards. No need to puzzle over the tricky Google Analytics reporting system.
  • Synchronize SEO PowerSuite with any number of your Google Analytics accounts to extract traffic stats for all websites you take care of.

Go ahead — just try the new SEO PowerSuite with new Google Analytics features to explore the deepest traffic analysis and aim your SEO to the most profitable direction.