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Time to magnify your SEO with extensive social media insight

Social media popularity is what all Internet marketers buzz about over and over. And it's no wonder, because promoting your website in social media turns one of the leading Internet Marketing and SEO mechanisms now. If you are not yet using social media sources for your website promotion, you're overlooking a huge means to:

  1. Attract more traffic to your website

  2. Boost your website's rankings in search engines

  3. Gain maximum public exposure for your biz

(Click the above links to learn why social media promotion is what you should focus your efforts on.)

SEO PowerSuite software keeps you up with all cutting-edge trends and techniques, and now it can assist you in social media popularity research.

See how SEO PowerSuite helps you leverage social media promotion potential

Now your SEO PowerSuite software gives you deep insight into social media popularity, letting you squeeze maximum ranking and traffic juice from social media promotion.

With SEO PowerSuite you can:

  • Research your website's popularity on major social media sources

  • Unearth your competitors' social media marketing secrets and make use of their most fruitful ideas

  • Choose only the most paying-back social media sources to funnel the majority of your promotional efforts to

  • Keep track of your social media promotion success by monitoring changes in your website's popularity rates

  • Fuel up your link-building campaign, using social media popularity analysis to identify the juiciest sources of backlinks for your website

With SEO PowerSuite you get access to popularity analysis on all major social media sources:

  • Twitter — the number of mentions found on Twitter according to TweetMeme (both for the analyzed domain and its individual pages)

  • Facebook — the number of times the content from the domain and its pages was shared on Facebook via the "Like" button

  • Google Buzz — the number of times the domain and its pages were mentioned on Google Buzz

  • Digg — the number of articles from the domain posted to Digg

  • Diigo — the number of bookmarks pointing to the domain and each of its pages on social bookmarking site Diigo.

  • Social Mention — the number of pages linking to the domain and its pages according to Social Mention (a social media search engine that searches blogs, comments, bookmarks, events, news, videos, etc.)

  • Delicious — the number of bookmarks in Delicious pointing to the domain and its pages

  • StumbleUpon — the number of views the domain and its pages get in the StumbleUpon network

  • And more coming!
Along with other cutting-edge features SEO PowerSuite is chocked full of, from now on it gives you most valuable insight into social media popularity statistics. Finally, you can monitor a website's popularity in all major social media sources within one single software set.

If you're not yet using SEO PowerSuite, get access to all its killer features and win leading search engine rankings for your website no-sweat. Grab your copy of the software right off.

How do you find social media analysis features in your SEO PowerSuite?

The new features are available in your WebSite Auditor, SEO SpyGlass and LinkAssiastant as soon as you relaunch the tools and let them autoupdate. (If you don't have your SEO PowerSuite yet, just download the new SEO PowerSuite with social media research features.)

In all your new projects, you can drill into social media popularity data in a special "Popularity in Social Media" workspace.

For an existing project, just:

  1. Include social media related factors into your Preferred ranking factors in the Preferences menu

  2. Add the corresponding columns to your workspace via Preferences -> Manage Workspaces...

The new "Popularity in social media" workspace lets you:

WebSite Auditor
Analyze social media popularity of your and your competitors' websites in WebSite Auditor. Popularity data for the analyzed domain is also summed up in your WebSite SEO Audit reports.

SEO SpyGlass
Get the in-depth social media popularity research for all your competitors' backlinks with the help of your SEO SpyGlass.

Check social media popularity rates for your future link-exchange partners, so that you choose only the most profitable link sources for your link-building campaign with LinkAssistant.

Social media potential in figures:

  • Facebook network, taken alone, receives over 127,550,000 unique visitors a month

  • Twitter's monthly traffic is 28,630,000 visitors

  • 7,600,685 users turn to Digg for latest news content each month

  • Over a 1,000,000 web-surfers use Delicious bookmarking service

  • And so on

All together, that is over 150 million users to learn about you and visit your website! With SEO PowerSuite software you can easily make the huge social media traffic work for you.

Combine effective SEO techniques with winning social media marketing tactics.
Get SEO PowerSuite copy on your computer straight off.