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Is Your Favorite Search Engine Supported By SEO PowerSuite?

SEO PowerSuite makes it easy for you to track your rankings in a search engine of your choice. Besides "standard" Google, Yahoo! and Bing, SEO PowerSuite fully supports a plethora of local engines you can use. Check out the complete list of 571 currently supported search engines below.

If your favorite search engine isn't supported yet, just let us know. Chances are, it will be there by the next release!

Available search engines

Country Search Engine
 United States Mobile (Maps) Images mobile (Web)
 Bing mobile (web)
 Bing US (Spanish)
 Bing US
 Algeria (Mobile) (Maps)
 Andorra (Mobile) (Maps)
 Angola (Mobile) (Maps)
 Antigua and Barbuda (Mobile) (Maps)
 Argentina (Mobile) (Maps)
 Bing AR
 Armenia (Mobile) (Maps)
 Australia (Mobile) (Maps)
 Bing AU
 Austria (Mobile) (Maps)
 Bing AT (Web)
 Azerbaijan (Mobile) (Maps)
 Bahrain (Mobile) (Maps)
 Bangladesh (Mobile) (Maps)
 Belarus (Mobile) (Maps) (Интернет) (Байнет)
 Belgium (Mobile) (Maps)
 Bing BE (Nederlands)
 Bing BE (French)
 Bolivia (Mobile) (Maps)
 Bosnia and Herzegovina (Mobile) (Maps)
 Botswana (Mobile) (Maps)
 Brazil (Mobile) (Maps)
 Bing BR
 Brunei Darussalam (Mobile) (Maps)
 Bulgaria (Mobile) (Maps)
 Cambodia (Mobile) (Maps)
 Cameroon (Mobile) (Maps)
 Canada (Mobile) (Maps)
 Yahoo! Quebec
 Bing CA (English)
 Bing CA (French) (Web) (pages from Canada)
 Catalonia (Mobile) (Maps)
 Chile (Mobile) (Maps)
 Bing CL
 Bing CN
 Colombia (Mobile) (Maps)
 Costa Rica (Mobile) (Maps)
 Cote D'Ivoire (Mobile) (Maps)
 Croatia (Mobile) (Maps)
 Cuba (Mobile) (Maps)
 Cyprus (Mobile)
 Czech Republic (Mobile) (Maps)
 Seznam (česky)
 Atlas (Prohledat web)
 Atlas (Stránky pouze česky) (Celý internet) (Pouze stránky)
 Denmark (Mobile) (Maps)
 Bing DK
 Dominica (Mobile) (Maps)
 Dominican Republic (Mobile) (Maps)
 Ecuador (Mobile) (Maps)
 Egypt (Mobile) (Maps)
 El Salvador (Mobile) (Maps)
 Estonia (Mobile) (Maps)
 Fiji (Mobile) (Maps)
 Finland (Mobile) (Maps)
 Bing FI
 France (Mobile) (Maps)
 Bing FR France (Web)
 Exalead (Web)
 Le Moteur
 Gabon (Mobile) (Maps)
 Georgia (Mobile) (Maps)
 Germany (Mobile) (Maps) (Bilder) mobile (Web)
 Bing DE
 Bing DE mobile (web) Deutschland (Das Web) (Das Web) (Seiten aus Deutschland) (auf Deutsch) (erweitert)
 Ghana (Mobile) (Maps)
 Greece (Mobile) (Maps)
 Greenland (Mobile) (Maps)
 Guadeloupe (Mobile) (Maps)
 Guatemala (Mobile) (Maps)
 Guernsey (Mobile) (Maps)
 Honduras (Mobile) (Maps)
 Hong Kong (Mobile) (Maps)
 Bing HK
 Hungary (Mobile) (Maps)
 Iceland (Mobile) (Maps)
 India (Mobile) (Maps)
 Bing IN
 Indonesia (Mobile) (Maps)
 Iran (Iran) (Mobile) (Maps)
 Iraq (Mobile) (Maps)
 Ireland (Mobile) (Maps)
 Bing IE
 Israel (Mobile) (Maps)
 Italy (Mobile) (Maps) (Images)
 Bing IT Italia (Tutto il web) (Web) (pagine in italiano)
 Virgilio (nel Web)
 Virgilio (pagine in italiano)
 Istella (Italian) (Web)
 Jamaica (Mobile) (Maps)
 Japan (Mobile) (Maps)
 Bing JP
 Jersey (Mobile) (Maps)
 Jordan (Mobile) (Maps)
 Kazakhstan (Mobile) (Maps)
 Kenya (Mobile) (Maps)
 Korea (South) (Mobile) (Maps)
 Naver (사이트)
 Naver (웹문서) (the Web)
 Kuwait (Mobile) (Maps)
 Laos (Mobile) (Maps)
 Latvia (Mobile) (Maps)
 Lebanon (Mobile) (Maps)
 Libya (Mobile) (Maps)
 Liechtenstein (Mobile) (Maps)
 Lithuania (Mobile) (Maps)
 Luxembourg (Mobile) (Maps)
 Macedonia (Mobile) (Maps)
 Malaysia (Mobile) (Maps)
 Maldives (Mobile) (Maps)
 Malta (Mobile)
 Mauritius (Mobile) (Maps)
 Mexico (Mobile) (Maps)
 Bing MX
 Montenegro (Mobile)
 Morocco (Mobile) (Maps)
 Mozambique (Mobile) (Maps)
 Myanmar (Mobile) (Maps)
 Namibia (Mobile) (Maps)
 Nepal (Mobile) (Maps)
 Netherlands (Afbeeldingen) (Mobile) (Maps)
 Bing NL Nederland (het hele Internet) Nederland (uit Nederland) Nederland (in het Nederlands)
 New Zealand (Mobile) (Maps)
 Bing NZ
 Nicaragua (Mobile) (Maps)
 Nigeria (Mobile) (Maps)
 Norway (Mobile) (Maps)
 Bing NO
 Oman (Mobile) (Maps)
 Pakistan (Mobile) (Maps)
 Palestine (Mobile)
 Panama (Mobile) (Maps)
 Paraguay (Mobile) (Maps)
 Peru (Mobile) (Maps)
 Philippines (Mobile) (Maps)
 Bing PH
 Poland (Mobile) (Maps)
 Wirtualna Polska (Świat) (the Web) (Polska)
 Portugal (Mobile) (Maps)
 Bing PT
 Aeiou OU (uma das palavras) (any words)
 Aeiou E (todas as palavras) (full phrase)
 Puerto Rico (Mobile) (Maps)
 Qatar (Mobile) (Maps)
 Republic of Moldova (Mobile) (Maps)
 Romania (Mobile) (Maps)
 Russia (Mobile) (Maps)
 Bing RU
 Rambler (Весь интернет)
 Saint Vincent and the Grenadines (Mobile) (Maps)
 Saudi Arabia (Mobile) (Maps)
 Bing Arab countries (إظهار الكل)
 Bing Arab countries (show all)
 Serbia (Mobile)
 Seychelles (Mobile) (Maps)
 Singapore (Mobile) (Maps)
 Bing SG
 Slovakia (Mobile) (Maps)
 Centrum (Vyhľadať na internete)
 Centrum (Vyhľadať len na Slovensku)
 Slovenia (Mobile) (Maps)
 Solomon Islands (Mobile) (Maps)
 South Africa (Mobile) (Maps)
 Bing ZA
 Spain (Mobile) (Maps)
 Bing ES España (Toda la Web) (La web)
 Sri Lanka (Mobile) (Maps)
 Sweden (Mobile) (Maps) (Bilder)
 Bing SE (alla språk)
 Switzerland (Mobile) (Maps) (Deutsch)
 Bing CH (German)
 Bing CH (French)
 Search (whole Switzerland) (Web) (Seiten aus der Schweiz) (All)
 Taiwan (Mobile) (Maps)
 Bing TW
 Tanzania (Mobile) (Maps)
 Thailand (Mobile) (Maps)
 Tunisia (Mobile)
 Turkey (Mobile) (Maps)
 Uganda (Mobile) (Maps)
 Ukraine (Mobile) (Maps)
 United Arab Emirates (Mobile) (Maps) (United Arab Emirates)
 United Kingdom (Mobile) (Maps) (Images) mobile (Web)
 Bing UK
 Bing UK mobile (web) UK (The Web) UK (UK Only) (Web)
 Uruguay (Mobile) (Maps)
 Uzbekistan (Mobile) (Maps)
 Venezuela (Mobile) (Maps)
 Vietnam (Mobile) (Maps)
 Virgin Islands (British) (Mobile) (Maps)
 Zambia (Mobile) (Maps)
 Zimbabwe (Mobile) (Maps)

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