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SEO PowerSuite — Multi-Language SEO Tools to Grow Your Business

SEO PowerSuite tools are used in 153 countries worldwide for a reason — the software lets you work with keywords, websites and web pages in any language helping you promote your business in any market around the world.

SEO PowerSuite tools support all major world languages enabling you to leverage the marketing power of search in any country. Here are just a few of the key features that make SEO PowerSuite a truly international toolkit:

  • Promote your website in 597 local and regional search engines worldwide

  • Research keywords in any language

  • Check search volumes for each keyword in your target country or region

  • Analyze and optimize web pages in any language. SEO PowerSuite supports all types of non-English characters: Cyrillic, Chinese, Japanese — you name it!

  • Research your niche and evaluate online competition in your geographic region

  • Generate brandable SEO reports for your clients in the supported languages or create custom reports in any language

  • Software interface in 7 languages: English, German, Russian, Dutch, French, Spanish and Slovak

SEO PowerSuite Languages

In SEO PowerSuite kit you get all the SEO tools you need to effectively optimize sites in any language and promote them in over 597 local and regional search engines. But that's not all. You can now lay your hands on the industry-standard SEO tools in your native language to analyze, optimize and conquer the web from the comfort of the software environment in your native-tongue. At the moment SEO PowerSuite is available in the following languages:

  • English English
  • German German
  • Russian Russian
  • French French
  • Dutch Dutch
  • Spanish Spanish
  • Slovak Slovak

Are you an SEO company or individual SEO consultant? Use the multi-language features of SEO PowerSuite to expand your business into the biggest Internet markets: Germany, Russia and numerous Spanish, French and Dutch-speaking countries. Instantly reach out to German, Russian, Spanish, French, Slovak and Dutch speaking prospects with comprehensive SEO reports in their native tongues. Spread the geography of your services to gain extra exposure and magnet new leads and clients.

Haven't thought of entering these markets yet? It may be just right time to expand your business boundaries with SEO PowerSuite.

Get all localized versions at no extra cost

You won't need to get any special downloads or pay any additional fees for the localized versions of SEO PowerSuite. With SEO PowerSuite you get all translated versions in one at no extra costs. That's right. You can use the software and generate SEO reports in any or all of the supported languages without opening your wallet.

Simply download the fresh version of SEO PowerSuite and you'll lock down access to all language versions.

The languages of the software interface and reports are configured separately. This enables you to use the software in one language and generate reports for your clients from other countries in their native tongues. For detailed instructions on how to set up report languages check out this guide.

Make your own localization

If the language you need is not supported yet and it's not on our to-do list, that doesn't mean you can't get SEO PowerSuite in it. We've provided you with a handy way to translate the software and/or reports. All SEO PowerSuite tools have an in-built translator's module that enables you to swiftly create local versions of SEO reports for your clients in any language. You can even go ahead and translate the software's interface and have SEO PowerSuite in the language that's important to you.

Optimize your website in any language, tap into local markets and overwhelm your clients with stunning SEO reports in their mother tongue.

Check out the new local versions of SEO PowerSuite for free or get the full edition to access every business-boosting feature SEO PowerSuite tools have to offer.

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