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SEO PowerSuite's Search algo updates keep your software up-to-date with search engines’ algorithms and let you store project files online using SEO PowerSuite Cloud. BuzzBundle's Maintenance plan adjusts the software to any changes in the numerous social platforms and search engines it supports, and lets you store your BuzzBundle projects in SEO PowerSuite Cloud.

When you order the software, you get 6 months of search algo updates for free; after that, the subscription is paid.

To keep your software tuned up at a minimum possible cost, you can get discounts reaching up to 77%.

Each license for any product (Rank Tracker, SEO SpyGlass, LinkAssistant, WebSite Auditor and BuzzBundle) gives you an extra discount.

You save even more if you extend subscriptions for a longer time period. You can choose a small sum billed monthly (and you can cancel payments at any time), or make an order for several months at a time.

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Note: The more subscriptions you prolong at once, the more you save. Even if your Search algo updates or Maintenance plans haven't expired yet, you can still purchase extra subscription and it will become active when the previous subscription expires. Therefore, if you're planning to buy new licenses, you can buy them now and get their subscriptions at once, thus saving more extra cash.

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