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Multi-website projects in new SEO SpyGlass 5.3 – compare your competitors’ backlinks on the fly!

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Are you striving to build a safe and effective link-building strategy for your site, just like millions other SEOs these days? Then the just-out SEO SpyGlass 5.3. is what resolves your link-building concerns once and forever!

From now on, SEO SpyGlass can compare backlinks of up to 5 websites within one convenient working area, and splits everything the sites have in common or differ in into actionable figures and stats.

And that’s a reliable way to reverse engineer Google rankings algos - all link-building patterns that account for highest search engine positions or, on the contrary, cause Google’s disregard, are now put on the plate for you.

No more link-building guesswork and speculations - pure figures speak for themselves:

See new SEO SpyGlass in action!

If you’ve ever wondered what link-building strategy guarantees top Google rankings for this or that keyword. What backlinks propel your site to the 1st position, and which of them ruin your hard earned results… These are no longer questions with new SEO SpyGlass 5.3!

Just restart your SEO SpyGlass for an auto-update, or download the freshest version from the website.

Now you can run your link-building the safest and the sure-winning way.

Just jump over here for the powerful means to reverse engineer Google’s ranking algos!

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