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Use the new power of SEO SpyGlass: world's fastest growing backlink index

Starting today, the world's fastest growing backlink index is available exclusively to SEO SpyGlass users.

And SEO SpyGlass — the SEO tool with the deepest, most detailed backlink research — is now reinforced with a huge link source that will become the world's largest index of links in less than 1 month.

Restart your SEO SpyGlass to let it auto-update, or download the freshest version here, and see link research on steroids!

Now SEO SpyGlass will be able to show more links it could ever dig before, more than our users expected, and even more than we could imagine.

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Get fresh and live backlinks from the world's fastest growing database

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SEO SpyGlass now finds a huge number of links and provides the deepest analytics no other tools can offer

SEO SpyGlass has a unique advantage over other backlink tools: its analysis power. Link databases compete in numbers and outgrow each other, but when it comes to really doing SEO, you don't just need links. You need the high-quality, Penguin-compliant links. The ones that are able to bring you real SEO value, help your site grow in rankings and bring you more targeted, ready-to-pay visitors from Google, Bing and other search engines.

Yet we all wanted more links — and now we've got them in SEO SpyGlass! This newly-added huge and mushrooming backlink index combined with the unique analytical power of SEO SpyGlass creates an unbeatable mix for sniper precision SEO.

Over 40 link quality factors, anchor text variability analysis, dofollow/nofollow links, link domain analysis and more — this is SEO SpyGlass.

Check out how much you can know about any site's link profile now:

About the new link source

The Link-Assistant.Com/WebMeUp alliance has brought its fruit: the newly-emerged webmeup backlink tool that's been developed using the code and experience of SEO SpyGlass developers is now available in beta exclusively to Link-Assistant.Com clients who have SEO SpyGlass or SEO PowerSuite.

The tool started crawling links just 2 weeks ago, and already got over 200,000,000,000 links in its index. Which is more than other largest backlink services have found in 2-3 years! And with over 15 billion links adding to the index every day, this will become the world's largest index of external links in just a few weeks!

For a limited time, you can use the tool online by simply downloading links from webmeup website. But if you want real backlink research for SEO, you need SEO SpyGlass that will show you every strength and flaw in yours or your competitor's link profile and for less money than any other link checker asks.

Get access to the world's most powerful Backlink Checker + Analysis mix.

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What Our Users Say...
« I finally managed to snatch the #1 position for my main niche keyword I've been chasing for months in a row!

SEO SpyGlass ability to quickly and effortlessly reveal the proven SEO methods my competitors are using to consistently show up on page 1 in search engines is simply astounding!

With it, I finally managed to snatch the #1 position for my main niche keyword I've been chasing for months in a row!

Pavol Senko

A glance into future

We're working at SEO SpyGlass intensively, and it's only a month or so before it will get new look-n-feel, a wealth of cool new features and will become over 1000 times faster and more productive. So you'll be able to add, analyze and refresh thousands of backlinks fast and without any slowdowns. Every user of SEO SpyGlass will receive this update for free.

But before this great improvement happens, here are some recommended use patterns and system requirements that will make your work with SEO SpyGlass more comfortable in the meanwhile, save you time, effort and computer resources.

Making SEO SpyGlass more efficient

SEO SpyGlass is a desktop, Java-based application, and how many links it can munch at a time depends mostly on your computer's capacities and the version of Java Virtual Machine on your Mac or PC.

Use up-to-date version of JVM
You can check if you've got the latest version of Java and that it's working by going to their website. For more instructions, please check this knowledgebase article.

First look for links, and check factors later
When you're running a new search or updating your existing link project, uncheck all factors and check links first. This way, you'll gather links very fast. After that, you can continue with SEO factors.

Check factors for up to 2000 links at a time
This will ensure faster checks, fewer bans from 3rd-party services and, what's most important, will not slow down your computer.

Master tip: allocate more memory for SEO PowerSuite
It may be that your computer is not fast at all, and you are not upgrading it in near future. In this case, you may try to allocate more memory for SEO PowerSuite tools to let them (and SEO SpyGlass as well) work a bit faster. You can find instructions here.

System requirements
You can check recommended system capacities here.

So how is it going with your links?

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Now in SEO SpyGlass

Get fresh and live backlinks from the world's fastest growing database

FREE Edition
SEO SpyGlass

Delivered by webmeup backlink tool