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New handy Project Comparison module
X-ray your competitors' backlinks and spy out all their secrets in SEO SpyGlass!

Here's what you can do in a moment:

  • see if your competitors have strong link profiles
  • find out competitors' backlink technics
  • detect improvements your site needs
  • find new link opportunities

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Now backlink analysis is one-minute work! New competition comparison module in SEO SpyGlass lets you analyze the main stats of several (up to 5!) sites in an easy, convenient and informative table.

With the new handy Project Comparison, you can:

1 See if your competitors have strong link profiles!

Do you want to beat your competitors on Google?

Now SEO SpyGlass lets you do it in a simple and easy way! Just have a look at the table and you'll ee how strong your competitors' link profiles are and what chances you have to beat them.

2 Learn the best from your competitors!

Watch, read, analyze, choose the best from your competitors and…use it for your site! See what link-building techniques your competitors use: their keywords, anchors, top TLDs and much more.

You can see quick sites comparison and, moreover, detailed info on each of the techniques.

3 See what improvements your site needs!

Only combination of correct and appropriate link-building techniques will raise you up to the top positions in Google.

Look where your backlink profile lags behind of your competitors' and learn how to improve your site to outrank them.

4 Discover the finest link building opportunities!

Never stop building good links you will profit from. Identify the new link building sources with the help of SEO SpyGlass — see sites that link to your competitors, but don't link to you yet.

It's a wealth of SEO data! What is more, SEO SpyGlass lets you work with it in the most convenient way!

Instant comparison
in a clear table
See the whole picture
at a glance
Backlink strategy
Switch to detailed view
for more info
Quick data
Get new updated information
with one click of a button
Easy copy
to clipboard
Copy and use the data in any
application you need

To get this bank of all competition search data you should just:

1. Create a project for your website

2. Create a project of your competition

3. Add both websites to comparison module

4. See the difference between websites

It's easy and quick!

Features Free Professional Enterprise
Compare backlink profiles 2 websites 5 websites 5 websites
Find all site's backlinks Up to 1,100 backlinks Unlimited Unlimited
Analyze 50+ backlink quality factors Up to 1,100 backlinks
Run Anti-Penalty link audit Up to 1,100 backlinks
Schedule backlink checks
Keep backlink history kept
Backlink reports for clients
Exporting backlink data
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