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Meet the game-changingly new SEO SpyGlass:

Unlimited downloadable backlinks, richer & handier analytics, and more awesome features for pro-level backlink analysis.

For big link profiles
  • Export of the full list of backlinks (even if it's millions!)
  • Comprehensive analytics for the entire link profile
For in-depth link analysis
  • New, graphical backlink summary
  • Instant link profile comparison & more domains to compare
For a most complete list of links
  • Integration with Google Search Console
  • Integration with Google Analytics

If you've been in SEO for a while, you sure know the story: it's next to impossible to get an accurate backlink picture in any of the backlink tools out there. More often than not, each tool will show you a different list of links, many of them outdated and contradictory to what you see in Google Search Console. Eventually, you'll end up with several conflicting sets of data, none of which you can act on.

Today's big SEO SpyGlass update was designed with the aim to change that. The new SEO SpyGlass will let you get unbeatably comprehensive analytics for any site's entire link profile, pull links directly from Google Search Console and Analytics, export all site's backlinks (however many), and perform competitive link analysis for up to 11 sites in a matter of seconds. As always, the update is free for current users. To start making use of the new features, just let the tool autoupdate upon launch (or, download the freshest version here), and either create a new project from scratch or open an existing one and click the Rebuild Project button.

Sounds promising? Let's explore what's new in detail.

1 Detailed stats for all links to any site

Yup, even if we're talking millions! SEO SpyGlass' all-new Summary includes stats on any site's total number of links, linking domains, dofollow and nofollow backlinks, a map highlighting the countries links come from, a backlink progress graph, and anchor text analytics. Oh, and it's got new neat design, too ;)

Where to find it: Under Backlink Profile > Summary in your SEO SpyGlass projects.

2 Unlimited downloadable links

No limits here โ€“ as in, none at all. Today's SEO SpyGlass update will let you export the complete list of links to any site in .csv, along with details on every link such as title, anchor text and URL, last found date, and the domain's IP address.

Where to find it: In Backlink Profile > Backlinks, on the top menu bar, to the right of the Rebuild Project button.

And if you'd like to get direct access to SEO PowerSuite Link Explorer, the Web's freshest and fastest growing link index, just shoot us a message — we now have an API!

3 Google Search Console & Analytics integration

The new SEO SpyGlass lets you pull links directly from Google Analytics and Google Search Console, an integration no other backlink tool can boast of. Together with SEO PowerSuite Link Explorer (formerly WebMeUp), these sources are sure to give you a most complete list of links you'd never get elsewhere.

Where to find it: For an existing project, click Rebuild Project on the top menu bar to select sources to pull links from. If you are creating a new project, check the Show expert options box at Step 1 and pick the backlink sources at the next step.

4 Handy analysis for backlink domains & anchors

Analyzing backlink domains is almost always quicker and more effective than individual links. The Linking Domains module in SEO SpyGlass will give you dozens of invaluable stats (including Penalty Risk) on entire domains, and save you the time and hassle of doing the same for individual backlink pages.

The Anchors & Pages module is another time-saver. With stats on the distribution of anchor texts and your site's pages people link to, it offers an actionable, quick overview of anchor data and best-performing pages by incoming links.

Where to find it: In Backlink Profile > Linking Domains and Backlink Profile > Anchors & Pages.

5 Quick & thorough link profile comparison

The new SEO SpyGlass lets you compare full link profiles of more sites (6 for Professional users and 11 for Enterprise users), add domains for comparison in a single click, and get comprehensive data on each site's link profile instantly.

Perhaps the most actionable part is the Projects Intersection submodule, where you can instantly spot domains that link to your competitors but not to you, and find valuable link opportunities you'd never have discovered otherwise.

Where to find it: In the Domain Comparison module in your SEO SpyGlass projects.

6 One-click Penalty Risk update

That's the tiny but uber handy cherry on the cake! SEO SpyGlass now lets you check Penalty Risk for your links in a click โ€“ either for individual links or batches of backlinks at a time. No more having to update dozens of factors to calculate the value โ€“ from now on, it'll all happen at a touch of a single button.

Where to find it: In Backlink Profile > Backlinks and Backlink Profile > Linking Domains, on the top menu bar, to the right of the Export All Links button.

Truly unlimited backlinks, the planet's freshest link index, and in-depth analytics. All at a fixed, steal price.
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