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Create Disavow Files in SEO SpyGlass
Get rid of spammy links and improve your reputation with Google

Backlink Auditing and Link Management are perhaps the most complex and time-consuming activities in every SEO's routine — but they don't have to be. Get ready for a smoother, quicker workflow: the latest version of SEO SpyGlass lets you create and manage Google disavow files right in the app, quick and easy!

Why you need a disavow file

Over the last few years, Google is increasingly paying attention to the quality and relevance of links in its ranking algorithms. Unnatural backlinks can get your site penalized (as in, removed from Google's listings completely), and regular link audits are the only proven way to stay afloat, promptly spot dangerous backlinks in your profile, and take action.

Alas, taking down harmful links isn't always possible — especially if you have a big number of spammy, low quality backlinks. That's where Google Disavow Tool comes in. The Disavow Tool is a way of telling Google not to take certain links into account when assessing your site; but compiling disavow files manually is time-consuming and often challenging due the files' peculiar syntax. Starting today, SEO SpyGlass' in-app disavow file generator will take care of all that hassle, making creating, managing, and exporting disavow files a breeze.

How-to: Create disavow files in SEO SpyGlass

Here's how you can easily create and manage your disavow files in SEO SpyGlass.

Note that if you already have a disavow file, you'll need to import it into SEO SpyGlass to start working on it in-app. To do that, simply go to Preferences -> Disavow/Blacklist backlinks, hit Import, and select your current disavow file. This step is important because uploading a new disavow file to Google will replace the previous one — that's why your new disavow file needs to include both the links you disavowed previously and the new ones.

1 Add links to the disavow list.

Select the harmful links in your SEO SpyGlass project, right-click them, and hit Disavow backlinks.

2 Decide if you're disavowing the backlink or the domain.

In the menu that pops up, choose whether you'd like to disavow only the backlink page you just added or the whole linking domain. In many cases, you'd want to disavow on the domain level: disavowing a single page leaves you at risk of missing other links from the same site.

3 Add comments.

In the same view, you can specify comments for the records you're disavowing. Comments are useful for your own future reference — whenever you review or edit your disavow file, you'll instantly see what kind of sites you were disavowing and why.

4 Review the list.

After you've added all links you're about to disavow to the list, go to Preferences -> Disavow/Blacklist backlinks. At this stage, you can edit the comments (double-click any comment to make changes), add or remove links from the list, and choose whether you're about to simply disavow the links, exclude them from all future updates you run in SEO SpyGlass, or blacklist the links completely (have them removed from your project).

5 Export your disavow file.

Once you're happy with you disavow list, hit the Export button and select the folder to save the file in so that you can upload it to Google Webmaster Tools.

6 Upload your disavow file to Google.

In the Google Disavow Tool, select your website and upload the disavow file you generated. That's it — you've told Google which of your backlinks to ignore, and your site is all set to start clean!

Try SEO SpyGlass' disavow file generator
Create, manage, and export disavow files in seconds

And there's another useful feature out!

The latest version of SEO SpyGlass now also lets you limit the number of links to find per linking domain. This comes in very handy when you know you've got numerous or sitewide links from certain sites — just set the links per domain limit to make sure you don't waste time on collecting data on each one of them (there could be thousands!).

When you create a new SEO SpyGlass project, you'll be able to limit the number of links collected per linking domain at Step 3 right in the project creation wizard. To set it in an existing SEO Spyglass project, just go to Preferences -> Backlink Collection Settings, check the Limit backlinks from one domain box, and specify the maximum number of links to collect for every linking domain. Voila — next time you rebuild your project, the limit you set will be used — saving you valuable time on link analysis!

Tip: If you're only interested in collecting a list of domains that link to your site rather than all backlink pages, set the links per domain limit to 1 — this will give you a nice list of linking domains that's easy to manage and navigate!

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Easily create disavow files & collect a specified number of links per domain

As you can see, it's been a big week for SEO SpyGlass. We love love love user feedback — so please let us know what you think of the new features in the comments!