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What is SEO SpyGlass?

SEO SpyGlass is a top-notch backlink checker from SEO PowerSuite. With the help of the tool, you can quickly evaluate link profiles in-depth, using the biggest and most up-to-date backlink index.

Imagine having a reliable companion that helps you analyze inbound links, compare them to your competitors, and discover fresh link opportunities – that's what SEO SpyGlass offers.

With this software, you can effortlessly evaluate website authority, keep an eye on referral traffic, and spy on your competitors' backlinks. The best part? There are no limits to what you can do with the tool.

Whether you're an SEO Pro, a business owner, or new to the SEO game, SEO SpyGlass will keep you ahead of the curve without a doubt. It's not just a tool – it's your shortcut to SEO success. Ready to get started?

Run a granular backlink analysis with a single click

When it comes to link profile audits, there's a ton to explore and uncover. SEO SpyGlass is your efficient partner in this journey. The tool helps you dig deep into every backlink, revealing crucial details like nofollow/dofollow attributes, link type, penalty risk, anchor texts, and much more.

Check out how easily you can analyze complex backlink profiles and research new backlink opportunities with our advanced link building software.

Drill down into every detail

of your backlink profile
Backlink summary in SEO SpyGlass
See backlink summary

Effortlessly get all the information you need about your website's backlinks within a single dashboard. You can see the total number of backlinks, referring domains, and the diversity of backlink anchor texts. Our backlink checker pinpoints how well your backlink strategy works, so you can make smarter decisions to improve your website's rankings.

Find broken pages with linked page information

Get insights into the health and accessibility of the pages containing your backlinks. It includes the HTTP status code that indicates whether the linked page is accessible or not.

This information is vital to confirm the quality of your backlinks, ensuring that they originate from live and operational web pages, thereby bolstering the effectiveness of your link-building efforts.

Finding broken linked pages in SEO SpyGlass
Checking backlink authority in SEO SpyGlass
Check backlink authority to evaluate link-building partners

Check the authority and credibility of the sources linking to your website. Use metrics like InLink Rank and Domain InLink Rank. These metrics will help you gauge the trustworthiness of the websites that contribute to your SEO profile. This way, you’ll know which sources to prioritize in your work.

Check domain information to find the right partners

See valuable context about the domains that host your backlinks. It includes details such as domain age, IP address, and country of origin.

Understanding these factors can help you assess the overall quality and relevance of the domains linking to your site. This, in turn, will allow you to refine your strategies for enhanced online visibility within specific geographic regions.

Finding domain information in SEO SpyGlass
SEO SpyGlass dashboard with backlink traffic information.
Measure backlink traffic

Track the number of referral sessions your website receives through its backlinks over the past 30 days. This data is crucial for evaluating the real-world impact of your backlinks in driving traffic to your site. It will allow you to focus your SEO efforts on nurturing those specific beneficial links for even better results.

Estimate risks of getting link penalties

Take into account various factors associated with potential risks coming from certain backlinks. The Penalty Risk metric will help you identify links that may harm your SEO efforts due to spammy or low-quality sources.

Use this information to pinpoint and disavow toxic links. This way, you will reduce the risk of SEO penalties and safeguard your website's search engine ranking.

Link Penlaty metric in SEO SpyGlass
Checking social media popularity in SEO SpyGlass
Assess social media popularity

Examine the frequency of your page’s URL mentions on both Facebook and Pinterest.

By doing so, you can determine which specific platform hosts the highest volume of mentions and shares associated with your domain.

This way, you will discover the platform where your content is the most popular and reveal the level of engagement your audience shows there.

Check search engine cache dates

Get insights into the last time search engines crawled and cached the pages containing your backlinks. Monitoring these dates helps you stay informed about the freshness and relevance of the content on linking pages, which may impact your SEO rankings.

Cache date metric in SEO SpyGlass
Here's what our users are telling in the Rank Tracker reviews:
Ryan Reiste
Here's what our users are telling in the Rank Tracker reviews:
So far this is light years beyond the current product. I can't believe how fast you can discover backlinks with it! I'm going to run some tests on client sites and see what I can track, but I just can't get over the speed.
Here's what our users are telling in the Rank Tracker reviews:
Vincenzo Chiaravalle
Here's what our users are telling in the Rank Tracker reviews:
Decisively improved, it has become a very important link checker tool for SEO.
Here's what our users are telling in the Rank Tracker reviews:
Jill Caren
Here's what our users are telling in the Rank Tracker reviews:
I'm currently having some fun beta-testing the new backlink index by SEO PowerSuite — so far I am liking what I see! @LinkAssistant great job on making this a better tool for link building!

Discover the exclusive benefits

of our backlink checker
Backlink data from SEO PowerSuite Backlink Index
Benefit from SEO PowerSuite’s backlink index

With SEO SpyGlass, you can rest assured that your backlink analysis is being powered by our exclusive SEO PowerSuite Backlink Index, which is one of the most comprehensive in the industry. You can rely on it to provide you with accurate and in-depth insights into any website's backlink profile. 

Use several data sources for advanced link building

SEO Spyglass allows you to extract backlinks from various sources, such as Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and other sources through CSV. This way, you can  use the so-called “pre-index” link-building method: you merge different backlink databases, quickly find links that Google has not yet indexed, and timely notify Google about those links.

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Using several data sources in SEO SpyGlass
Automatic backlink checks and alerts
Save time with automated backlink checks and alerts

The SEO software takes care of your routine tasks and client reports. You can set up automatic tasks to run on autopilot while you are up to some more urgent issues.

Run regular backlink analysis or update backlink traffic data to prevent drastic drops in traffic. Or receive automated alerts in case your site gets hit by a sudden influx of backlinks from the same domain. 

Want to automate your reporting? The backlinks software can automatically create and publish white-label reports via email or shareable links.

Use custom backlinks reports

Benefit from fully customizable backlink reports to share the results of your link-building activities with your SEO team, marketing department, or clients.

You can customize your report to fill it in with the exact info you need. Create outstanding white-label reports with the intuitive and easy-to-use report template builder. Put in any widgets and metrics you deem necessary and set up this new report to be delivered the way you like.

After getting all the information you need, you can publish your report online, email it, or save it locally.

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Custom backlink reports in SEO SPyGlass
Want to use our massive backlink index for your own solution?

You can get access to our backlink index through API. Integrate our backlink index into your own dashboard, tool, or workspace at your convenience and use the data the way you need. With API access, you will be able to fetch thousands and millions of backlinks in no time. Quick integration and dedicated customer support are guaranteed.

You can get access to our backlink index through API


What is a Backlink Checker tool?

It is a backlink analyzer inside SEO SpyGlass, a software that crawls all inbound and outbound links of a website, providing all important metrics to estimate the site's link profile.

Why do I need a backlink checker?

The backlink checker software analyzes a website's link profile to discover risks and opportunities related to links (which are a known Google ranking factor). The backlink analyzer helps detect spammy links, link farms, doorway pages, or, on the positive side, find new linking opportunities and fresh domains in the niche with whom you can partner.

Do you have a free backlink checker?

Yes, there is a free plan in the SEO SpyGlass software allowing you to analyze up to 1,100 backlinks per website and compare 2 competitors. Also, you can try the online free backlink checker to do the same without the need to install any software.

How does a backlink checker work?

SEO PowerSuite crawler works just like other web bots do, crawling URLs and all links coming in and out of them. As the tool starts from a seed set of web pages, it's a continuous process, with new URLs being added to the index every minute.

What is a backlink generator?

A backlink generator is software that creates hyperlinks to your website on other blog sites, forums, social media pages, or any other online platform that is crawled by search engines.

SEO SpyGlass is link building software but is NOT a backlink-generating tool. It is created to help you analyze your link profiles and search for link-building opportunities – not to artificially generate inbound links to the websites. Remember, artificial links are against Google guidelines.

Which backlinks are the best for SEO?

Here is a list of requirements for links to be the most effective:

  • High-quality editorial links – links from authoritative websites in your niche or industry. They are typically earned through high-quality content and are the most valuable for SEO.
  • Contextual links – links within the body of a web page's content. These are more valuable than links in the footer or sidebar. They provide context and relevance to the linked content.
  • Dofollow links – links that allow search engines to follow them and pass link juice to your site. Dofollow links are essential for search engine optimization, as they directly contribute to your site's ranking.
  • Natural links – links that are acquired naturally because other websites find your content valuable.
  • Relevant links – links from websites in the same niche as yours or related are considered the most valuable. They show that your content is relevant and authoritative within your industry.

How do I make SEO backlinks?

There are several tips for acquiring good backlinks:

  • Create valuable сontent: Start with high-quality, informative content relevant to your audience.
  • Start reaching out to webmasters: Contact influencers and experts in your niche to introduce them to your content.
  • Try guest posting: Write guest posts for authoritative websites with a link back to your content.
  • Build relationships: Engage with others in your industry to create natural linking opportunities.
  • Monitor your inbound links: Keep an eye on your backlink profile and disavow toxic links using our helpful link building software.
  • Avoid black-hat tactics: Never buy or engage in unethical link-building practices. To learn more about how to earn backlinks correctly, read 9 Powerful Link Building Strategies from Ann Smarty.

Are backlinks legal?

Yes, backlinks are legal. Backlinks are simply hyperlinks from one website to another. They are a fundamental part of the structure of the internet and are not inherently illegal. In fact, backlinks are commonly used for legitimate purposes such as citing sources, sharing information, and directing users to relevant content. However, there are some practices related to backlinks that can be considered illegal or unethical. These include:

  • Paid link schemes: Paying for backlinks in a way that violates search engine guidelines is considered unethical. Search engines like Google consider it a violation of guidelines to swell or buy links with the purpose of manipulating rankings.
  • Link farms: Link farms are networks of websites created solely for the purpose of exchanging links. These are generally frowned upon and can result in penalties from search engines.
  • Spammy backlinks: Creating a large number of low-quality, spammy links to manipulate search engine rankings is against search engine guidelines and can lead to penalties.

In general, if you are building links through legitimate and ethical means, such as creating high-quality content that others find valuable and want to link to, there are no legal issues. However, it's important to be aware of and adhere to search engine guidelines to avoid penalties that can negatively impact your website's ranking. Also, keep in mind that, besides Google's laws, there are also national laws that may prohibit citing illegal sources. Those may include various operations related to gambling, medical substances, extremist activities, etc.

Do backlinks still work for SEO?

Yes, backlinks still work for SEO, and they remain an important factor in search engine optimization. Backlinks are essentially votes of confidence given from one website to another. When reputable and authoritative websites link to your content, it can positively impact your website's authority, trustworthiness, and search engine rankings.

Is SEO SpyGlass free?

Yes, you can download and use this tool for free. Our free version is completely usable: you can analyze up to 1,100 backlinks per website – the generosity other backlink analysis tools can’t boast.

Is there a tool to find toxic backlinks?

SEO SpyGlass is the perfect software for estimating the health of your link profile and finding low-quality, spammy links that harm your SEO. Plus, you can use the software for free. Learn more about how bad backlinks checker works.

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