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Official confirmation from Link-Assistant.Com: the release of anti-Penguin code will help your site survive, but will not help you outrank competitors

Link-Assistant.Com | Posted in category Search Engine Optimization

In the past couple of days, we received hundreds of support tickets asking whether the release of anti-Penguin code means webmasters no longer need SEO software, SEO PowerSuite in particular.

Thus, we decided to explain the situation here on our blog.

What's Anti-Penguin Code?

News began spreading as a result of a leak from one of the leading search companies that the so-called anti-Penguin code is to be released in May 2013.

Once embedded on any site, the code is supposed to prevent this particular site from ever being hit by Penguin update.

In other words, SEOs will soon be able to apply it to their sites and make them proof against ranking drops.

Should SEO PowerSuite users be concerned?

This news is really ground-breaking and we understand our users' concern.

Nevertheless, we wish to warn you that:

  • The code will help you survive, but you still need SEO software to outrank your competitors
  • You will still need SEO software to handle on page SEO and site performance for better user experience
  • It is with SEO software only that you'll be able to see if your high rankings result in traffic gains

That's just three examples actually, but you get the point: it's not enough to make sure you don't lose rankings because of Penguin. Customer experience and loyalty, overall SEO strategy, conversions – these are the aspects you can hardly handle without smart SEO software.

Why Link-Assistant.Com distributes the code

Despite of the fact that the leak and the coming development have made the SEO software niche vulnerable, with all due respect, the technology behind the anti-Penguin code is truly remarkable.

Needless to say, the demand for this development is huge, and we didn't hesitate to help spreading the word about this web panacea.

The script is currently under development. Once released, it'll be available in two versions, Professional ($999) and Enterprise ($2999), with the major difference between the two lying in the reporting function.

How do you get the code?

On May 8, 2013, the script will be released and shipped to customers who pre-ordered.

Without the pre-order, the code will be available to the US and Canada citizens no earlier than on June 12. The beginning of shipment to Europe is scheduled June 24.

Want to be one of the first to immunize your site with the anti-Penguin code?

Share the news, fill out the pre-order form below and get your script one month earlier than other SEOs around the globe!

- Viktar Khamianok, CEO, Link-Assistant.Com

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