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Penguin 2.0 Google update: what to expect and what to do

Link-Assistant.Com | Posted in category Google

 Proof your site against the coming Penguin 2.0

Over the last week, there has been one hot discussion in the SEO world: the coming Google update.

It all started with a Matt Cutts' tweet last week to announce Penguin 2.0 and continued in a video explaining what webmasters should expect from Google in the coming months:


Though this video lacks details about the exact algorithms behind the coming changes, it still mentions different issues the web spam team is working on, so there's a lot to digest.

In a nutshell, this video states that

  • Google Webspam team is "relatively close" to deploying Penguin 2.0.
  • Penguin 2.0 will have a greater impact compared to Penguin 1.0.
  • Advertorials will no longer flow PageRank.
  • Niches that are traditionally more spamy (payday loans, pornography) will see more impact.
  • Google will identify link spammers and make links from them less effective.
  • Hacked sites will be detected better. Communication with webmasters of these sites will be improved.
  • Authorities in specific niches (medicine, traveling) will be detected better. Their content will be ranked higher.
  • Sites in the grey area that have been attacked by Panda will be checked for additional quality signals to soften the Penguin 2.0 effect for them.
  • There'll be even fewer cluster search results from one and the same domain.
  • The web spam team will continue refining host clustering and host crowding issues.
  • Google will be focused on getting more information on webmasters.

Actions to take

  • Go through the list above and see where you might be vulnerable.
  • Read Google Quality Guidelines again and check if you're following them in full.
  • Download the Anti-Penguin Guide and follow the steps suggested to stay extra-proof against Penguin 2.0.

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