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Find All Keywords Any Site Ranks For

Now in 9 more countries: the UK, Netherlands, Spain, & more!

Up to this day, Rank Tracker collected all keywords you and your competitors rank for in organic search results, but only for the US region.

Today it lets you fetch keywords for any site in 9 more locations - the UK, Netherlands, Spain, France, Germany, Australia, Russia, Canada and Italy!

Check out this wealth of new data in Rank Tracker, and keep in mind that the databases are growing at an amazing speed of 4000 words per minute now, so you'll be seeing new keywords in them every day!

1. Paste any domain
2. Select a region
3. See all the keywords the site
ranks for right now
Push your keyword research to a new level:
Reveal competitors' keyword strategies in your region to save time on keyword research (your competitors have already done all the tedious work for you!)
Develop international SEO strategies by adapting keywords your competitors use in each region you are active in.
…and run a full-cycle organic competitor research:
Discover exact keywords any site is ranking for right now.
In the Ranking Keywords dashboard, select the region you're targeting, paste any site into the search box, choose between Desktop and Mobile, and click Search.
Get instant access to the keywords' performance metrics.
No more waiting for keyword analytics. Everything is calculated and stored in our cloud. Once Rank Tracker completes the research, you get instant access to a list of keywords along with their performance indicators.
Estimate the keywords' value.
Go to the Keyword Sandbox module and refine your sourced keywords by essential performance metrics such as Number of Searches, Competition, Cost Per Click, and Keyword Difficulty. As soon as you're satisfied with your keyword list, move it to the Rank Tracking module.
Inspect competitors' landing pages.
In the Rank Tracking module, analyze SERP fluctuations for your target keywords. Look at your competitors' landing pages that rank high for particular keywords. By analyzing their content, you can get new ideas for your own content strategy.
Monitor changes in competitors' rankings.
Add your competitors to the project in Preferences > Competitors. In the Rank Tracking module, click Show Competitors on the top panel and select those you'd like to see in the dashboard. By following the ranking fluctuations in your competitors' positions and comparing them with your own, you can see where you've succeeded and where you need to improve.
Find new organic competitors.
Are you new to the niche? Discover all your SEO competitors with Rank Tracker. Go to Preferences > Competitors and click the Suggest button. Paste or select necessary keywords, pick a search engine, and click Next to get a list of competitors based on your keywords.