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Check your site for Penguin, Panda and other penalties:

New Google Penalty Detection feature in Rank Tracker!

See how different Google algo updates impact your site's search performance:

  • Organic traffic
  • Keyword rankings
  • Overall search engine visibility
with Google Penalty Checker tool

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Every now and then, Google rolls out its search algo updates — Penguins, Pandas, mobile and local SEO updates, and what not. Some of these updates pass by without affecting your site, but some of them can push your Google rankings down. And you need to watch these updates closely — to quickly diagnose if your site got under a Google "penalty" and build a solid recovery plan.

Now there's a quicker and easier way to do that with Rank Tracker!

From now on you can match changes in your organic traffic and rankings to the exact dates of Google algo updates right on your Rank Tracker's progress graph. This way you can see at a glance how different updates have impacted your site's performance.

Knowing which problems your site is suffering from right now is the key to building an effective SEO strategy for future. So why go blind with Google penalties? Just launch your Rank Tracker and check your site for Google penalties in under 2 minutes!

1. Check for drops in traffic from Google

  • 1. Open your Rank Tracker project and switch to the Visits Graph tab in the lower part of your screen;
  • 2. Press Enter Account Settings and follow the wizard to connect your Google Analytics account;
  • 3. Press button in the top Rank Tracker menu;
  • 4. See your organic traffic data, overlaid with the dates of all major Google updates!

Note: If needed, you can disable displaying the updates on your project graph. Simply switch to Preferences > Events and disable the "Show search engine updates as events" checkbox.

2. Check for drops in Google rankings
(For older projects with ranking history)

Google updates are also added to your rankings and visibility graphs, so if you already have ranking history in the project, you will also see how keyword rankings fluctuations correspond to the dates of search algo updates!

Was your site affected by Penguin, Panda or other updates?

Check your site for Google penalties with new Rank Tracker:

with Google Penalty Checker tool

or download it for free!

Spot a traffic drop that corresponds to a Google update?
Here are the next steps to follow!

So, you've noticed a rapid traffic drop at the same time as a Google algo update happened. Here are the next steps for you to follow to make sure you were hit by this particular update and to build an effective penalty recovery strategy.

1. Make sure the traffic drop isn't caused by external factors

Check if there are some other factors that might have influenced the traffic drop.

1. Think of any changes on your site.
You should look at any changes made to the site in the last few weeks before the traffic drop and ensure that no technical issues crept in along with any updates (like changes to robots.txt files, or the site becoming very slow.) If you're lucky a simple technical fix will see traffic pick up over the next few weeks.

2. Check for warnings in your Webmaster Tools account.
Check Google Webmaster Tools to see if there are any messages relating to your site or malware warnings.

3. Identify seasonal trends
Make sure the drop in traffic is not a repeated trend caused by seasonal changes in your market.

2. Hit by a Penguin update? Revise your backlink profile

As Penguin update combats spammy and low-quality backlinks, the first thing to do now is to analyze your site's backlinks, identifying any potentially spammy links and get them removed or disavowed.

SEO PowerSuite's SEO SpyGlass tool will analyze your links against a number of quality factors (the same as the ones used by Google) to let you spot all dangerous backlinks.

Further on, you can disavow all the harmul links using SEO SpyGlass's inbuilt disavow file generator.

3. Hit by a Panda update? Revise your content

Created in order to tackle the increasing problem of Content Farms (these are sites that churn out tons of low quality content in order to rank well in search results), Panda uses multiple factors to identify your site's quality. And two of them believed to be especially important are:

  • Content duplicates
  • Very short content pieces

You can use SEO PowerSuite's WebSite Auditor to identify all the issues related to your content: duplications, too pieces of content, keyword stuffing issues, etc.

Was your site hit by Penguin, Panda or other Google updates?

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