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Track your site's rankings in Google as if from different countries of the world!

This Rank Tracker's feature was requested by more SEOs than any feature we've released before. From today with Rank Tracker you can check your site's Google rankings as if from different countries of the world.

Why country-specific rankings are crucial for your SEO?

It's long known that Google rankings vary a great deal between countries.

This means you must keep track of where your site ranks for searches from different countries of the world, to:

1. Make sure your business gets visible enough in all countries you work for

2. And laser-target your SEO efforts for high rankings in these specific countries

Need an example?

For instance, a guy searching Google from UK sees your site ranked 5th for the keyword you target. The same time, when searched from Canada, Google shows your site on some 44th position only.

And if you're checking your site's rankings from New York, you won't even know anything about that, constantly seeing your site on rank 5.

Just imagine: instead of Google's top 10 results, thousands of Canadians see your site on the 5th search results page only. If Canada is the country your biz targets, this 4 pages difference may totally ruin your revenues.

Now here's how, in a glance, you can see this in Rank Tracker:

From now on with Rank Tracker you can:

  • Monitor sites rankings specifically for each country your business serves
  • Track the effectiveness of your SEO efforts over time for each region of the world
  • Shape your SEO efforts the most effective way, based on what pages of your site Google shows high for searchers from different countries
  • Provide the most relevant ranking data for your SEO clients from all over the world

If you're an SEO geek, who can't breathe easy without knowing how the thing's done...

Using Google's official "gl=" (geo location) parameter, Rank Tracker can now address Google almost as if from a specified geo location and shows you the search results closest to what a searcher from this location gets.

May these results be not 100% accurate for some countries and words? Google says "may be". Still, this is the only method offered by Google, and the one closest to perfection.

Tracking country-specific rankings has never been so easy

To get a wealth of country-specific ranking data with Rank Tracker, all you have to do is:

  • Choose the search locations you target
  • And let Rank Tracker loose to check your site's rankings for them

Check out this screenshot tour to see Rank Tracker's search locations feature in action:

To try out the hot-new search locations feature in Rank Tracker, just restart your tool for autoupdate or download the freshest version from the website.

Now see how visible your site is for searchers from different countries!

  • Localize any types of Google search. Track search locations for any types of Google search modes: Blog search, Groups, Images and so on, as well as for any of regional Googles.
  • Track an unlimited number of search locations at once. Track your sites rankings for hundreds of search locations simultaneously, if needed.
  • Switch countries without switching proxies. You can track and analyze rankings in different countries, without switching between proxies or different search settings.
  • Use proxies to stay Google friendly the most effective way. Now using a proxy from a specific country, you can still check rankings as if from another part of the world.

With new Rank Tracker 5.7 onboard, your SEO PowerSuite becomes the only SEO toolkit that let's you track your site's rankings as if from different countries of the world.

So don't delay, get SEO PowerSuite now to be in full control of your site's country-specific Google rankings!