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Build ever more precise keyword density strategy with new SEO PowerSuite!

SEO PowerSuite's long proved your reliable helper when you need to recover or prevent post-Penguin Google rankings drop. And with another counter-Penguin update released today, giving utter precision to your page content optimization strategy, it once again reconfirms being your your unfailing anti-Penguin SEO tool.

Wrong keyword density can ruin your site

It's well known, that wrong keyword density (too low or too high) can ruin your rankings. And that is especially true ever since Google's Penguin algo change.

Finding the sure-winning density of keywords to use in your pages' content has always been a matter of minutes with WebSite Auditor from SEO PowerSuite. But with today's update your keyword density calculations get ever more precise!

Keyword density calculation reconsidered

How do you spot the ideal keyword density, keeping your pages relevant but not keyword-stuffed? By looking at your top ranking competitors, for sure. If that technique lets them rank top, than this is what Google sees as relevant and non-spammy content.

But wait! What about sites ranking top thanks to pure link-building efforts? Their content might be not at all optimized for the keyword you're analyzing. This "non-optimized" sites spoil your keyword density calculations.

Now you can refine your competition research results of those "non-optimized" sites and get the most on-the-nose data about the keyword strategy that works best in your niche!

  1. Find top-ranking competitors
  2. Check their keyword density strategy
  3. Use it on your site
Campare backlinks of different websites!
  1. Find top-ranking competitors
  2. Choose only those with best-optimized content
  3. Check their keyword density strategy
  4. Use it on your site

Now you can focus on the most reliable content optimization examples only — the sites best-optimized for the keywords you analyze, and not those getting to Google's top via link-building. This way you get the most reliable keyword density stats refined from any occasional tinges.

All you have to do is run a usual WebSite Auditor's content check.

And before letting the tool loose for competition research, choose the sites you wish to base your research on. Exclude any of them having too low an optimization rate and target the sites really optimized for your keyword.

It's that easy! Just restart your tool for auto-update or download the freshest version from the website.

Get the sure-winning keyword density strategy build up for your site with
new SEO PowerSuite!

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