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Meet the visual way to spot problems in your site architecture,
analyze internal link juice, and explain errors to clients.

What does your site look like to search engines? Is your site's structure prone to serious crawl budget and link juice leaks? Are your important pages linked well? Today's WebSite Auditor update will give you instant answers to these questions. Meet site visualizations: graphical maps of your website that are both stunningly good-looking and actionable.
To get access to the update, simply launch WebSite Auditor and let it auto-update to the latest version (or, if you don't have WebSite Auditor yet, download it here). Next, create or open a project for your site and jump straight to the Visualization dashboard.

Instantly uncover problems
in your site structure.

Identify orphan pages (shown in grey), isolated parts of your site (chains of successive nodes), redirects (shown in blue), broken links (shown in red), and other problems in your site’s architecture — all at a glance.

Measure & improve
internal PageRank.

You can choose to visualize your site by internal PageRank and see how internal link juice is distributed across your pages, so you can improve the ranking potential flow to your most important pages easily.


Change the background for your visualization in the left-hand menu; switch between pages on the right to highlight them on the graph; or drag-n-drop nodes to rearrange them!

Examine pages

Looking for details on a specific page? Click on any node in your visualization to highlight all its edges, and get a full list of links to and from the page in the right-hand view.

Filter out,
filter in.

How about some filtering? Use filters to build separate visualizations for specific pages and directories, or adjust the number of pages your visualization includes.

& share.

Believe us: when you see your site's visualization, you'll want to share it with the world. And you're in luck — whether you have a Professional or Enterprise license, you can easily download visualizations in PDF, PNG, or SVG by hitting the save button in the top right corner.


If you ever sent clients spreadsheet reports to show problems in their site structure, you know exactly how unconvincing those are. Starting today, you can show clients intuitive site visualizations that highlight these problems graphically instead.

Check and improve your pages' InLink Rank.

WebSite Auditor's coming update will also let you paint pages in your visualization by their authority or external link juice, aka InLink Rank, so you can instantly see the ranking power of each page.

Paint your visualization
by pageviews.

Looking to visualize your site by pageviews? That's on the roadmap too! Sync your Google Analytics account with WebSite Auditor, and your pages on the graph will be painted and sized accordingly.

Edit your visualization in-app to create a perfectly structured site.

The coming update will let you edit your site's structure by adding or removing links so you can improve internal linking and PageRank flow, get rid of broken links and unnecessary redirects, and so on — until your graph is clean and perfectly structured.

Export your list of changes and send it straight to development.

Every change you make as you edit the graph will be recorded in the changelist. When you're done editing, simply forward the list to your dev team so they can take the changes live, and make your perfect site architecture a reality.