Win an iPhone 4S at SEO Olympics 2012!

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The last and final SEO Olympics challenge for noobs and geeks is out! Here's the homestrait and the last chance to prove the world you're true SEO Olympics champion. This one is quite quick and easy - and last for on day only! Hurry up, the results will be announced and the draws for iPhones 4S will take place on Tuesday, August 14!

The tasks

5 Challenging SEO Tasks
Over the two Olympic weeks (till August, 10) you'll get 5 SEO tasks. Make sure to keep an eye on your email box and on our Facebook and Twitter feeds to spot the new tasks rolled out.

SEO Greenie or SEO Geek?
Each task comes in two difficulty modes - SEO Greenie and SEO Geek. Which of them suits you - you choose! But you can only complete one of the tasks.

The score

For each task you cope with, you earn your SEO Olympics score. SEO Geek tasks bring more points, for sure.

The winners

3 national SEO teams win in 3 Olympic nominations:

  • Total Score Ninjas (For the biggest total score earned)
  • SEO Gurus (For the biggest rate of SEO Geek tasks accomplished)
  • Team Masters (The fastest growing team - for the highest team growth %, calculated starting with July, 30)

A draw for an iPhone 4S is held in each of the winners team.

So what do you do to win an iPhone 4S?

Complete SEO tasks to earn Olympic score to

1. Maximize your country's score to join the draw.

2. Maximize your personal score to win the draw.
The higher the score - the bigger your chance in the draw!

And don't forget - you need to build up a sure-winning team! The more people your call to join in - the higher your country's chance to win!

Secret weapon for your SEO Olympics gold!

Can SEO tools help your grab SEO Olympics gold? You bet! Make sure to download this set of handy and reliable SEO tools to help you up throughout all the SEO tasks!

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SEO Olympics

Challenge your SEO skills!

SEO Greenie

The best way to keep fit is leave the gym. Do you agree? Anyway, you need to find the image associated with this statement and elicit the phrase.

Okay, now rush to Vimeo and find the video ranking first for this phrase. Isn't this country beautiful?

Aaaand the country is the clew for the answer. If you cannot pronounce it, you're done! (type in your answer without the umlauts)

SEO Geek

Find the anchor of the nofollow link on the only Olympics triathlon page in ODP.


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