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Raven tools vs. SEO PowerSuite review

Raven SEO software is named by some SEO experts as a good tool, and it used to be quite popular a couple of years ago. However, we see that, unlike a few years ago, Raven tools have become considerably less useful, which results in too little value for the money ($99/month).

You don't have to just take our word. You can check the side by side comparison below to see what we mean by saying that Raven tools is not enough value for money. Or simply download SEO PowerSuite to find out how powerful it is.


SEO PowerSuite Raven tools
Free trial Unlimited time
No card required
30 days
No card required
Price over the 1st year (Pro version) $299 $1188
Keywords Unlimited Unlimited
Search Engines 456 2
Rank checker for any sites
Yes, rankings checked directly from search engines

No, you can only import ranks of your own sites from Google Webmaster Tools
Rank checking depth 1,000 100
Local rank tracking
Backlinks index size 613+ billion URLs crawled Majestic's 231+ billion URLs crawled (fresh)
Link penalty risk assessment
Site on-page SEO audit
No technical audit of SEO-related issues
Landing page optimization
Supported Languages EN, ES, DE, RU, NL, FR, PO, SK EN

Raven Pros
Raven does not limit the number of projects and keywords to keep in your account.

Raven Cons
This toolkit is very limited in functionality. The main drawback is that it will not check rankings other than you can see in your own Google Webmaster Tools and Bing Webmaster Tools account. It does not provide any new data besides the data collected from your free webmaster and Google Analytics tools and Majestic tool.

The Verdict: 6.2/10
Raven tools is, in simple words, just a dashboard and reporting tool where you view data from your Google Analytics, Google AdWords and Google Webmaster Tools and a few third-party paid tools (Majestic, Moz). It does not offer any special analytics and is not enough for proactive SEO.

Raven is a high-priced solution though, and the price is not justified by the features you get. Therefore, we do recommend looking at other SEO toolkits for research. You can download SEO PowerSuite from here, or even order a license on this page.

You can try Raven if all you need is a dashboard to view your site's current stats. If you need to do proactive SEO, deeply analyze multiple keywords, backlinks and content pages, and track rankings of many pages and websites in multiple search engines - try SEO PowerSuite and see how it goes deeper into every SEO aspect.

Rankings monitoring

Monitoring your website rankings performance is like keeping a hand on the pulse of your SEO campaign. Checking where your website is currently standing in SERP is extremely valuable when running initial SEO analysis, checking current results of your SEO work and developing forward SEO strategies.

Raven SEO tools SEO PowerSuite
No actual rank checking.
Import rankings from your Google Webmaster Tools and Bing Webmaster Tools accounts
Check and track rankings of any website in any of the 456 supported search engines
Not able to monitor competitor rankings
Monitoring competitors' rankings
No tracking universal and mobile search results
Tracking universal and mobile search results

Keyword research

Keyword research is perhaps one of the most important stages of an SEO campaign. You can not begin to work out a marketing strategy unless you know which key phrases you are targeting. Also, you cannot give any estimation of all costs and returns unless you first learn who you're competing against.

Raven SEO tools SEO PowerSuite
Up to 300 keywords suggested
Unlimited keyword suggestions
Suggestions from Google AdWords only
17 keyword suggestion sources AdWords, SEMRush, Keyword Discovery, WordTracker, Yahoo! Clues, Yandex Wordstat and more
No data on profitability and difficulty of keywords
Analyzes profitability and difficulty of each keyword
No data on current rankings for suggested keywords
See current rankings for each suggested keyword

Backlink research and link management

Links are the fuel your website needs to get to Google's top. The more relevant high-quality links you get, the more noticeable the presence of your website in SERP is.

Raven SEO tools SEO PowerSuite
Find links pointing to your site
Find links pointing to your site
231+ billion URLs crawled
(taken from Majestic fresh index)
613+ billion URLs crawled (all fresh)
No link penalty risk assessment
Link penalty risk assessment
Basic link analytics
Raven Tools let you check only the very basic link ranking factors (type of a link, anchor text, dofollow/nofollow tags).
Detailed link analytics
SEO PowerSuite analyzes links according to over 40 important quality factors: Page and Domain PR, Link Value, Alexa Rank, IP address, C-block (subnet), Country, TLD, Google Popularity, DMOZ and Yahoo! Directory Listings, Domain Age, Social Media mentions and many more.
No link profile comparison
Compare links of several competing sites
Basic link management
Powerful link management
Grouping and tagging links, convenient filters
Check link status (only checks whether the link is there)
Possible statuses:
Check link status (whether the link is there and is set fully as expected)
Possible statuses:
Yes (Embedded) - the link is actually the URL of embedded video
Yes (Nofollow tag)
Yes (Restricted from indexing) - linking page is blocked, ex. in robots.txt
No (Link missing)
No (Site is down)
No (Page not found) - 404

On-page SEO audit

SEO Site Audit is an in-depth analysis of your site that should be done on a regular basis in order to determine on-site and off-site factors which may have negative effect on your site's visibility in SERP. HTML code errors, broken links, duplicate content, wrong pages interlinking, etc. – that's what SEO site audit is about. That's why an SEO tool should have the capabilities to analyze every aspect of a website. From there you will get the ability to build an onpage optimization plan to improve a website's SEO effectiveness.

Raven SEO tools SEO PowerSuite
Website structure and coding analysis
Website structure and coding analysis
Crawls only 1,000 pages per day
Lets you crawl and analyze an unlimited number of pages daily
Does not work with robots.txt file
Lets you create and manage robots.txt files
Does not work with .xml sitemap
Generates an .xml sitemap.
No landing page optimization
Powerful landing page optimization module

Summing up all that was mentioned above, SEO PowerSuite looks more like the software that will drive your website to Google's top faster with no additional efforts on your side.

Raven Tools turned out to be significantly less powerful than the SEO PowerSuite toolkit. But don't take our word for it. Download Free Edition of SEO PowerSuite, test it and see for yourself whether this SEO toolkit is right for you.