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WebSite Auditor vs. Screaming Frog software review & comparison

Once in a while, people ask our technical support team: why is WebSite Auditor better than Screaming Frog, or any other its alternative? Surely, a reply to the ticket cannot fit all those lovely things we would like to say about our software, let alone no less lovely features of another tool.

Thus, the support team started to stalk people from the marketing department by saying: "Ain't you in the marketing? How about some comparison review?"

It was not possible to say no. Why, we love helping people.

As you have guessed, this review will see to the important features of two popular SEO tools: WebSite Auditor and Screaming Frog. Both the tools have their fans and skeptics. However, it is better to try them both (or as an addition to each other) before making any conclusion.

Let's compare!

As Team WSA plays at home, they are entitled to reveal

Key killer features of WebSite Auditor:

  • Crawl your site with an exquisite SEO spider. Find and audit every resource your site has, both internal and external. It allows you to crawl your site as any search engine.
  • Run a deep technical site audit and reveal every single issue on your site that can affect search engine indexation, rankings, and UX. Solve problems graciously with thorough how-to-fix instructions.
  • Generate robots.txt & XML sitemaps with no sweat; review and edit the existing files right in the app.
  • Run an intelligent on-page site audit and see optimization rates for any page (both desktop and mobile) and any keyword based on the same metrics of your competitors. Follow optimization advice to become the master of a perfect site.
  • Optimize your pages right in the app either following the principle of WYSIWYG or in HTML. Edit your titles and meta descriptions, preview your Google snippet, and save HTML to your hard drive for further upload to your site.
  • Create beautiful white-label customizable reports that can be easily shared with your customers.
  • NEWTF-IDF (term frequency — inverse document frequency) — it allows you to do efficient on-page optimization in the age of semantic search by measuring the relevance of a given keyword. It shows you whether any terms are relevant to the topic, whether they are used properly, whether they should be used less or more. More here.
  • NEW Site structure visualizations — it allows you to create beautiful interactive graphical maps of your site where you will immediately see any problems with the site architecture and crawl budget. More here.

OK, I'm stunned, I want to download this tool!

Here comes a comparison table where we included all the important features of both tools. Check it out and decide what's more important to you.

WebSite Auditor Screaming Frog
WebSite Auditor Screaming Frog
Main benefit Comprehensive SEO audit and in-app content optimization Flexible and quick crawling
General features
Free version
Pricing model One-time license fee + a small maintenance fee (starting after 6 months) Yearly renewal of a license
Video tutorials + FAQ + guides + educational materials

FAQ + guides
Technical support
Only in the paid version
Google Analytics Integration
Only in the paid version
Integration with Ahrefs and Majestic
Google Search Console integration
Data export

Use software in several languages
English, German, Spanish, French, Dutch, Polish, Slovenian, Russian

Find pages
Up to 500 URLs in the free version

Up to 500 URLs in the free version
Specify crawler settings

Only in the paid version
Use custom search/custom extraction

Only in the paid version
Use proxy

Find tips on how to fix errors and issues

Start a few tasks simultaneously

Optimize an unlimited number of websites

Run scheduled tasks automatically

Only by means of the command line
Save & upload crawl projects

Save & upload crawl projects

Store projects in the cloud

Technical site audit
Find broken links, redirects & indexing errors

Create and manage robots.txt files

Only in the paid version
Create and manage XML sitemaps

Audit hreflang in XML sitemaps
Coming soon!

Find broken images and empty alt texts

Check for mobile-friendliness

Analyze titles and meta descriptions for errors

Visualize a site structure

It is only possible to export a crawl path report.
Export a crawl path
It is only possible to check click depth and visualize a site structure

Analyze links to/from pages

Analyze internal & external resources

Check page's search engine authority
The app has InLink Rank, a Google PageRank alternative

Analyze social media engagement

Analyze traffic coming to pages

Check the number of visitors every page gets

On-page optimization
Optimize titles & meta tags

Make changes to a SERP snippet in-app
Changes are saved in HTML

Changes are saved in CSV/ Excel
Optimize page speed
All the page speed factors are displayed as one block

It is necessary to analyze each page speed factor separately
See response times for each page

Optimize landing pages' content in-app

Optimize mobile pages

It is possible to analyze mobile pages by means of mobile bot crawling
Check TF-IDF

Create SEO auditing reports

Create on-page SEO reports

Customize and brand your reports

Export reports
Available in the Enterprise version, export in PDF and HTML

Export in CSV/Excel
Make reports available online
Available in the Enterprise version

Email reports to clients from the app
Available in the Enterprise version

Free: $0 Unlimited time
Unlimited sites
Up to 500 URLs
Technical support
Free version: $0 Up to 500 URLs
Professional: $124/year Unlimited sites
Unlimited URLs
Technical support
Paid version: £149.00/year Unlimited URLs
Technical support
Enterprise: $299/year Unlimited sites
Unlimited URLs
Custom PDF/HTML reports
Data export in .txt, .csv, .html, .sql
Technical support

The bottom line

It is obvious that WebSite Auditor is not just a web crawler with a sophisticated design, it is so much more than that. It is able to both do technical audits and cater to site's optimization. It is more client-friendly when it comes to reports.

At the same time, Screaming Frog, being a specifically auditing tool, is very fast and efficient in what it does. It has an old-school design which is a thing of its creators — they know that people love the tool as it is and they do not hurry to kill its authenticity.

Thus, this review shows that these two tools are great in what they allow users to do. However, both have some unique functions that can be more appealing when choosing a tool. Anyway, everybody makes their own choice, the comparison table is just the facts. We hope it is as helping as we intended to present it. Happy SEO!