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New Interactive Reports Now in Rank Tracker!

February 17, 2015
Meet SEO reports that are all you wish they were. Every bit.
With SEO PowerSuite's new reports, you have the final say. The tools' reporting functionality lets you take full charge of the data you're reporting on and the way it's presented. The brand new drag'n'drop reports are out today in Rank Tracker, and we can't wait for you to test-drive these customizables!

Measuring Content Marketing ROI [Guide]

February 10, 2015
Do you create content, but don't know how it affects your marketing bottom-line? This guide is for you!
In recent years, content marketing has become a separate channel. Yet this has brought new challenges, and many people are asking themselves: Which content performance metrics do I track? How do I align content analytics with my goals? How do I spend less time gathering data?

SEO PowerSuite's Full Glossary of SEO Terms

February 03, 2015
With the exhaustive amount of data you get in SEO PowerSuite, it can be hard to keep all the terminology in mind. To help you get the most of your SEO data, we threw together a complete list of terms used in all four SEO PowerSuite apps. Should you ever forget what Reach, KEI, or Penalty Risk stand for, simply jump to this page for a quick reference!

[Guide] 5 Steps to a Mobile-Friendly Site

January 27, 2015
Last week, Google sent tons of warnings to websites that have "critical mobile usability errors".
Although these were just warnings and they don't mean a penalty, it may be high time to refresh your knowledge of what makes for a mobile-friendly site and get a mobile plan before Google gets more serious about it (before it adds more weight to the mobile-friendliness ranking factor).

7 Steps to Fast & Easy Rank Tracking

January 20, 2015
Learn how you can easily track search engine rankings with SEO PowerSuite's one and only - Rank Tracker. Set up your first rank monitoring campaign in just minutes, let rank checks to run automatically and enjoy accurate ranking statistics delivered when you need them, the way you need them.

Moz's PA/ DA stats in SEO PowerSuite

January 14, 2015
Here comes one of the most awaited and asked-for SEO PowerSuite updates — Moz's Page and Domain Authority stats are now available in your SEO PowerSuite projects.

Must-read SEO guide for 2015!

January 06, 2015
Get your SEO campaign ready for 2015!

To help you catch the wind and brush up your SEO skills, our team has prepared a list of recommendations SEOs should focus on in 2015.

Link-Assistant.Com Turns 10 This Xmas!

December 23, 2014
This Christmas is a very special one for us, the 10th Christmas we celebrate at Link-Assistant.Com. So, we invite you to revisit all the exciting moments in the SEO PowerSuite history.

Coming: new reports in SEO PowerSuite!

December 09, 2014
We know you've been waiting for them - SEO reports that you can easily edit and customize, selecting exactly what you need included in (or, ahem, removed from) them. Reports with charts and graphs that illustrate your (or your clients') progress in a most compelling way. Reports that are quick and intuitive to create - and just as easy to read.

New Page Audit tool in WebSite Auditor!

December 02, 2014
Smartly-optimized site pages will pay off in better rankings, more traffic and earnings. But "optimized" sounds pretty vague, as we all want to know What to do, as well as Where and How to do it.
The new Page Audit module in WebSite Auditor answers these and more questions in a simple way, helping you turn pages into top-ranking traffic sources!

Black Friday special: BuzzBundle at 65% Off

November 25, 2014
Build a solid social presence for your brand and reach out to thousands of potential clients.
Get links from social networks, forums and blogs - boost your rankings in a safe, Penguin-friendly manner.
Monitor brand mentions on Twitter, Facebook, etc. and react to negative comments to keep flawless reputation.

Please Welcome: SEO PowerSuite User Perks

November 18, 2014
To thank you for being with us, we created the SEO PowerSuite Users' Perks program. And now you're eligible for exclusive offers on some valuable services that will help grow your online biz. We carefully select our partners - they're the best players in the industry, and they all provide superior in-demand services.

[Guide] Find your best SEO keywords!

November 12, 2014
While the dev team are sweating and boiling over the next huge step on SEO PowerSuite's 2014 roadmap, the new Content Optimization Module, we still tried to use each chance to power (and speed) up your SEO workflow.
And this time we've concentrated on keyword research, giving you today this...

Google Penguin 3.0 - All You Need to Know

November 04, 2014
If you've been doing SEO for a while, you've probably heard of Google's Penguin algorithm that combats spammy and low-quality backlinks.
Released previously a whole year ago, this update has affected lots of websites. And now, for the first time since October 2013, the update was re-run - giving you a chance to finally recover your rankings or, on the contrary, get de-ranked by Penguin.

Hot-new in SEO PowerSuite this fall

October 28, 2014
Can your favorite SEO software get even better? It can and it surely will! This autumn we're serious as ever to thrill you away with all the fantastic improvements SEO PowerSuite gets! A lot has been done, but even more is coming, and today you're in for some fantastic news - and a sneak peak at what we're cooking up!

New: SEO PowerSuite Referral Program

October 21, 2014
Each time you bring a friend, they get 10% off SEO PowerSuite, and you get 1 year of free Search algo updates for one of your tools!
From day one, SEO PowerSuite's been a word-of-mouth kind of product, and it's time for us to thank you! We love it how you keep spreading the word, bringing new happy users and helping SEO PowerSuite grow and develop. It's an impressive job you're doing - and as a thanks, we're giving a not-so-little something to you and the friends you invite!

"Backlink Overview" comes to SEO SpyGlass

October 15, 2014
We know you've been waiting for it - a neat and easy way to access your crucial backlink stats, without having to switch between apps, tabs and workspaces.
It's here, a feature that'll make your SEO job smarter, quicker, and easier - new Backlink Profile Overview module is out in SEO SpyGlass!

On Personalized Search Results and SEO

October 07, 2014
Google's personalized search can turn a real SEO's nightmare. Different cases of personalization (by location, browsing history, etc.) turn your ranking data upside down. And you risk making wrong SEO decisions based on misinterpreted SEO data if unable to adjust your rank tracking practices to this personalization.

50 SEO tools vs. SEO PowerSuite

September 30, 2014
Before you spend another dime and one more hour of your time on yet another SEO tool, ask yourself: can this software actually handle ALL the tasks I have to deal with? And if the answer is no…You don't need more software - you need software that does more. SEO software market is huge, and quite often webmasters rely on several tools in their activities.

"Domain Overview" now in SEO PowerSuite!

September 23, 2014
Want a quick way to evaluate your site's strong and weak points? To monitor all the key SEO stats together, without switching between apps and tabs?
Then welcome the new Domain Overview module in all SEO PowerSuite tools — the place where all of your SEO data (backlinks and PR, indexing, social stats and traffic) is taken together for a quick analysis and review.
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