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Choose SEO PowerSuite's next feature

June 16, 2015
The list of current SEO PowerSuite features is already pretty impressive — but we're eager to fill it up with even more user-suggested functionality. So if there's anything we can do to improve the toolset for you, please tell us what it is.
Share your feature ideas, vote for suggestions made by others and leave your comments — we commit to release the feature that gets the most votes in one of the coming software updates!

NEW: Create Disavow Files in SEO SpyGlass

June 09, 2015
Backlink Auditing and Link Management are perhaps the most complex and time-consuming activities in every SEO's routine — but they don't have to be. Get ready for a smoother, quicker workflow: the latest version of SEO SpyGlass lets you create and manage Google disavow files right in the app, quick and easy!

3 SEO Success Stories from the Pros

June 03, 2015
For small business owners and SEO agencies alike, search marketing can get overwhelming. Figuring out which strategy works best in a given niche, how long it takes to see the results, and what kind of results you can expect to see…

Sometimes tried and tested strategies from the real world of SEO are all you could ask for. And that's exactly what you'll find in the success stories that a leading digital marketing agency, SUSO Digital, is sharing with you today.

New in BuzzBundle: Reach & Multiposting!

May 26, 2015
There's no SEO or online marketing without social media anymore — customers turn to social networks to learn about businesses, and search engines consider social signals important quality indicators (hence ranking factors). Social media marketing is sure to increase your site's rankings, traffic, and sales, as well as boost brand awareness and your company's reputation; but doing it manually can get challenging and time-consuming.

Full Guide to Link Audit & Cleanup

May 12, 2015
Backlinks are one of the most important ranking factors to search engines. And it's a pretty simple idea: the more reliable, relevant resources link to a page, the more useful and valuable that page must be (and the higher rankings it deserves). Similarly, 'bad' backlinks (links from spammy or irrelevant sources) are treated as indicators of poor quality, diminishing the page's value and authority in search engines' eyes and often resulting in ranking penalties. This is why evaluating the status quo and auditing your site's backlink profile is the first off-page step to take.

WebSite Auditor's New Custom Reports Are Out!

May 06, 2015
It took months of non-stop work, and finally we're happy to announce — the full revamp of SEO PowerSuite's reports is officially complete! The brand new SEO reports are now available in WebSite Auditor (hooray!), as well as in all other SEO PowerSuite tools: Rank Tracker, SEO SpyGlass and LinkAssistant.

5 Huge SEO Mistakes You're Making

April 28, 2015
SEO is a constantly changing landscape — changes are coming from all directions, turning once widely practiced techniques into big SEO no-no's.

If you find it hard to keep up with the change, industry conferences are a place to get the most refined insight on what's trending in SEO. And as the SEO PowerSuite team had the great luck to attend BrightonSEO (one of the key events for search marketers both in UK and worldwide) a few weeks ago, we put the most surprising takeaways from the conference into the "5 Things You're Doing Wrong" guide to help you bring your SEO up to date.

6 On-page Tweaks for a Ranking Boost

April 22, 2015
If you followed our guide on keyword research, you probably already have a nice list of target keywords on your hands, as well as the URLs of landing pages you'll be optimizing for these terms. That means you're all set to start creating some great content to make sure search engine bots understand what your landing pages are about, acknowledge their value, and give them a high ranking in search results. Sounds simple? Well, on-page SEO really is no rocket science, but it does require some effort and patience on your part. In this guide, we've split the process of landing page optimization into 6 actionable steps to make it as smooth and straightforward as possible.

2 New Features for Better Rank Tracking

April 15, 2015
In a way, it feels like Rank Tracker has all the features you could possibly wish for already. But isn't there always room for improvement? Welcome the updated version of the app that's even smarter and handier! Today, we're releasing 2 new Rank Tracker features — the option of tracking rankings for multiple sites per project (yay!), and a brand new Competitors menu to save you tons of time setting up competitor sites.

6-Step Guide to SEO Site Audit

April 07, 2015
It's important that you spot and eliminate technical problems on your site before they grow into an SEO problem. Otherwise, apart from creating a not-so-smooth user experience for your visitors, you also risk losing your search engine rankings — or even not getting your whole site crawled and indexed by search engines at all!

That is why before you start optimizing your pages for target keywords, you need to run a comprehensive site audit to identify and fix issues that can cost you search engine ranks.

Google's Mobile Update: Do's and Don'ts

March 31, 2015
It's official: Google's mobile-friendly algo update is rolling out on April 21st, and it will be even bigger than Panda and Penguin. And as the SEO PowerSuite team couldn't leave these changes unnoticed, today, we've prepared for you an actionable mobile-friendly checklist and 2 new features for mobile search in SEO PowerSuite.

5 Steps to Google-Friendly Links in 2015

March 24, 2015
It's no secret Google uses hundreds of ranking factors to pick up relevant pages in response to user queries. And while the list of these factors is quite wide (with new ones being added constantly, like https or mobile-friendliness), all SEO experts agree that links remain the strongest quality signal to search engines, outweighing most other ranking factors.

8 Insider SEO Tips from Industry Experts

March 17, 2015
Wonder what's trending in SEO in 2015? We've got your back.
Does your keyword research still boil down to digging AdWords Keyword Planner for niche keywords, search volume and competition? Then it's just the time for you to introduce customer profiling into your keyword research workflow. Next time you revise your keyword list, try to understand your target audience.

New Drag-n-Drop Reports in SEO SpyGlass

March 11, 2015
Backlink reports can be challenging. If you're running a report to attract a new client, it would have to concentrate on their backlink profile's weaknesses to convince them they require your services. A report you prepare for an existing customer, on the other hand, would need to emphasize their link profile's strengths to highlight the work you've done — and keep the client happy.

Building a perfect SEO report

March 03, 2015
Did you get a chance to play with the brand new drag-n-drop SEO reports in Rank Tracker? Those customizables keep getting thousands of thumb-ups from SEO PowerSuite users, so you'd better give them a go!
And what is more, on March 10th, these fully custom, totally editable and so fab-looking reports are going public in SEO SpyGlass (WebSite Auditor and LinkAssistant are to follow in a couple of weeks).

Get 30% off reliable private proxies!

February 24, 2015
We've partnered with a reliable private proxies provider, Squid Proxies, and negotiated an exclusive 30%-off discount on all Squid Proxies packages for you, which means that now you can get quality proxies (to use in SEO PowerSuite or for any other activities) at the lowest price on the market.

New Interactive Reports Now in Rank Tracker!

February 17, 2015
Meet SEO reports that are all you wish they were. Every bit.
With SEO PowerSuite's new reports, you have the final say. The tools' reporting functionality lets you take full charge of the data you're reporting on and the way it's presented. The brand new drag'n'drop reports are out today in Rank Tracker, and we can't wait for you to test-drive these customizables!

Measuring Content Marketing ROI [Guide]

February 10, 2015
Do you create content, but don't know how it affects your marketing bottom-line? This guide is for you!
In recent years, content marketing has become a separate channel. Yet this has brought new challenges, and many people are asking themselves: Which content performance metrics do I track? How do I align content analytics with my goals? How do I spend less time gathering data?

SEO PowerSuite's Full Glossary of SEO Terms

February 03, 2015
With the exhaustive amount of data you get in SEO PowerSuite, it can be hard to keep all the terminology in mind. To help you get the most of your SEO data, we threw together a complete list of terms used in all four SEO PowerSuite apps. Should you ever forget what Reach, KEI, or Penalty Risk stand for, simply jump to this page for a quick reference!

[Guide] 5 Steps to a Mobile-Friendly Site

January 27, 2015
Last week, Google sent tons of warnings to websites that have "critical mobile usability errors".
Although these were just warnings and they don't mean a penalty, it may be high time to refresh your knowledge of what makes for a mobile-friendly site and get a mobile plan before Google gets more serious about it (before it adds more weight to the mobile-friendliness ranking factor).
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