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9 SEO Tips on How to Optimize for Yandex

July 06, 2018
In case your target market is Russian-speaking countries, you have to be a pro in Yandex SEO. Though very similar to other search engines, Yandex has its own peculiarities. We compiled a guide with all the things peculiar to Yandex as well as advice on how to optimize for them.

How to Nail Keyword Research in 2018

June 26, 2018
Even if you have been dealing with SEO just for a little while, you know that keyword research can be considered as some kind of art, really. So, if you want to occupy your SEO fellas for 5 hours let's say, suggest talking about keyword research methods. I'm telling you, by the time you come, they will still be talking, but most likely, they will not be friends any more.

How to Handle JavaScript Rendering

June 20, 2018
With JavaScript's seemingly infinite possibilities, ordinary websites based only on HTML and CSS are becoming a thing of the past. But while JavaScript allows for a dynamic experience for users, it's also creating a minefield for developers. Because of this, JavaScript SEO has become something impossible to ignore, particularly when it comes to making sure websites are properly rendered by Googlebot.

7-Step Guide to Perfect SEO Writing

June 12, 2018
I've written quite a few articles for our blog already, and more often than not I mentioned there that "Content is king". And to tell you the truth, it did not go further than that. So, the time has come to dig deeper into those factors that make content His Royal Majesty.

How to do YouTube SEO in 2018

June 08, 2018
If you want to optimize your YouTube SEO and don't know where to start, check out these 7 recommendations to get your video to the top.

Get It Right Internationally: Top 10 Hreflang Issues

May 29, 2018
If you are already into the internalization process for your website, you might want to find out whether you got right the most common hreflang issues that can hamper your international SEO efforts. Check out the list of top 10 hreflang issues by Gianna Brachetti-Truskawa.

13 Google Ranking Factors that Make Difference in 2018

May 23, 2018
You must have heard that Google had 200+ ranking signals, plus, there are those angelic guys from Backlinko who compiled a list of 200 factors and are keeping it updated. It is really nice to know about all those things, but in reality, it is not quite possible to optimize for all of them.

New Google Ranking Factor: Mobile Page Speed. Is It Live?

May 18, 2018
Page speed is becoming a ranking factor for mobile searches in July 2018. We looked at one million pages in mobile search results to determine how page speed influences rankings as of today, and here's what we found.

Keyword Monitoring is Going to the Cloud

May 09, 2018
The Rank Tracker team has started to store a part of the keyword ranking history in the cloud. This is the move to a huge database of keywords and their rank tracking history as well as automatic tracking of keywords in the cloud. The access to the database of competitors' SEO keywords is already granted!

7 link building techniques that still work in 2018

May 02, 2018
Like eggs and bacon, Batman and Robin, like cats and boxes — links and rankings are inseparable, like it or not. This is an SEO axiom that proved its effectiveness and helped numerous website owners to win search engines' love, rankings and a good sleep at night.

7 HTML Tags Essential for SEO

April 24, 2018
Do the contents of your head matter? Sorry for asking, of course they do, they are unique and full of the explored and unexplored possibilities. Do you keep an eye on your body? Sorry for asking, of course you do, and that sandwich was wholegrain (maybe).

What about the head & body section of your site's HTML document? Do its contents influence how your site performs in the eyes of search engines?

Data-Backed Competition Research - 8 SEO Practices

April 20, 2018
I bet your business has a few competitors on Google.

And I also bet that some of them rank higher than your website.

Do you have any idea why they've been more successful in SERPs?

What's Coming for SEO in 2018? SMX Munich Conference Takeaways

April 11, 2018
Lots of changes have affected search in 2017 and now, as we've entered 2018, all eyes are on the newly emerging trends and the updates that Google has in stock for us.

"Evolve or decay" — that's what many call the future of SEO. And if you find it hard to keep track of all the changes you must adjust to and evolve with… No worries! Just back from the largest and most trusted SEO conference in Europe — SMX Munich — we've carefully documented all the most important takeaways!

5 Steps to Visualize a Site Structure (and what to do with it next)

April 04, 2018
Do you realize the importance of being structured? Do you know what a “perfect site architecture” means? Do you know how to visualize a site structure?

The thing is, we have pretty good answers to these questions in our new post on site structure visualizations. What’s more, we did what you’ve been asking us for quite some time! We made a guide on how to use our new WebSite Auditor’s Visualizations (with steps, screenshots, examples, and strategies!).

SEO Traffic Drop: Whom to Blame & What to Do?

March 27, 2018
Find out what the 9 most common reasons for traffic drops are, and learn how you can fix those issues and restore your traffic.

SEO vs PPC: How to Get Most from SERPs without Spending a Fortune

March 20, 2018
Search engine optimization has gradually evolved from a stand-alone activity to an integral part of the online marketing mix. SEO managers, PPC managers, SMM managers, community managers, You-Name-It managers should play together to squeeze maximal ROI out of the marketing budget. In practice, however, businesses have to opt for fewer online marketing channels. This guide will help you decide when and why to choose between SEO and PPC, and how to combine them so that you get most of your presence in SERPs.

WebSite Auditor vs. Screaming Frog - The Battle of Web Crawlers

March 14, 2018
People are coming to us and ask: "Is WebSite Auditor any better than Screaming Frog?"

In order to make people see, we have put up a comparison review of the two tools. It ended up to be the mother of comprehensiveness, but we have immediately realized that no comparison table will reflect all those killer features and design that WebSite Auditor has.

So, we decided to devote a post to what these two tools can do for your optimization process. This way you can make your own judgment on which of the two is more convenient, or if you like, better.

Website Visualization is out of Beta!

March 11, 2018
Through a couple of months of user-testing and developer bug-fixing, we're out of beta, better, handier and with all the feature add-ons you asked for!

SEO for Bing: How to Boost Your Organic Traffic by 35%

February 27, 2018
5 reasons why Bing is definitely worth your SEO effort, and 6 most important Bing ranking factors to optimize for.

How Google May Track the Media You Consume (to Influence Search Results)

February 21, 2018
Bill Slawski shares some light on Google's patents about how Google may track the media you consume to personalize your search results. Some of these really make you feel the big G is watching..:)
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