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Cloud project storage in SEO PowerSuite

October 13, 2015
Welcome two web storage solutions for your SEO PowerSuite and BuzzBundle projects: our own online service, SEO PowerSuite Cloud, and the fully integrated Dropbox. Storing projects in the cloud will let you access and work on projects from anywhere, collaborate with your team, and keep your data safe along the way!

5 Smart Uses of Social Media for SEO and Brand Awareness

October 08, 2015
For you as a marketer, social media is a source of client prospects unlike any other. Whatever your product or service, people are out there looking for it, asking questions, and discussing related topics.

But in itself, the non-stop stream of information in front of you is more overwhelming than useful. That's why you need to know how to filter it and how to use it.

This guide includes 5 powerful tips that'll help you easily dig through the endless social media buzz, spot valuable data, and make good use of it to power up your SEO and online marketing. You'll also learn which tools will help you automate and speed up the process.

5 Unexpected SEO Tips from Leading Experts

October 05, 2015
How about some unconventional-but-proven-to-work SEO tips for your website?

We hope you're in! The SEO PowerSuite team is just back from BrightonSEO (one of the most exciting digital marketing conferences in the UK), and we are full of SEO knowledge that we simply can't leave to ourselves!

Google PageSpeed in WebSite Auditor

September 15, 2015
In today's WebSite Auditor update, we're integrating Google PageSpeed Insights and releasing two new groups of page performance factors: page speed (on all devices) and page usability (on mobile). The just-added factors will help you test, analyze, and improve your pages' performance on any device: whenever the app finds a speed- or usability-related problem on your page, you'll immediately get a how-to-fix tip.

Expert Advice: how to get new SEO clients

September 08, 2015
It's this time of the year again… Summer days are a week behind, and most of your potential clients are back from vacations. They're looking for ways to improve their business' online performance, and you need to be right there for them (or else, you lost them to a competitor).

But where do you find the people in need of SEO and how do you pitch your SEO services to them? Today we turned to one of the best in the field for the answer: Aires Loutsaris, a leading SEO consultant from UK (and a loyal SEO PowerSuite user).

Google Penalty Detection feature in Rank Tracker

September 01, 2015
See how different Google algo updates impact your site's search performance:

Organic traffic
Keyword rankings
Overall search engine visibility

3 Steps to Higher Organic CTR

August 25, 2015
You're striving hard to win higher Google rankings, but… Is there a way to get more clicks from your current rankings?

The guide we've prepared today lets you increase your organic CTR (Click-Through Rate) and start getting more clicks from your current Google rankings – in just 3 simple steps.

Google's New 3-Pack Local Search Results: how to adjust your SEO

August 21, 2015
A major change in Google's local search happened on Thursday, August 6th — a new way of listing local businesses in search results was rolled out, changing the previous "local 7-pack", where seven local businesses were featured, to a trimmed "local 3-pack" view.

And while the SEO industry is shaken up with lots of polar opinions on how the change will influence local visibility and traffic, we've put up a short guide to help you make sense of the update and adjust your SEO strategy.

New Features for Competitive Research (+ Guide)

August 11, 2015
Competitor research is one of those necessary but time-consuming steps of the SEO process. SEO PowerSuite has always had impressive competitor analysis functionality, but today's update is taking it to a whole new level, making competitive research as easy as it gets.

The 3 new features added today let you instantly find the fiercest competitors for your target keywords, see how they compare to your site in every aspect of SEO, and analyze their link profiles against more factors than before!

5 Steps to Social Link Building

August 04, 2015
With Social Media Marketing and SEO getting increasingly interwoven, social link building may well be the next big SEO tactic – extremely effective, completely white-hat, and surprisingly easy to master!

To make the process of social link building even easier for you, we’ve put up a 5-Step Guide to Building Links on Social Media, a bonus chapter in our SEO Workflow series.

New Keyword Research Features in Rank Tracker

July 28, 2015
Keywords are the foundation of any SEO campaign. Optimizing for the most cost-effective, relevant search terms is sure to bring you the desired rankings and traffic and save big in the meantime, both time- and money-wise.

In today's update, we've added 3 new keyword research techniques to Rank Tracker's 17 existing methods, letting you get even more valuable keyword ideas right from Google.

How-to: SEO Friendly Site Redesign

July 21, 2015
SEO-wise, website redesign is always a pain in the neck. First, the redesign itself a process that requires lots of time and hard work; second, it may (and probably will) bust all your previous SEO efforts if things go wrong.

But a little preparation will take you a long way: here's a step-by-step SEO guide to redesign to help you keep your rankings safe!

4 New Features in SEO PowerSuite Reports

July 07, 2015
There's a whole lot of ways you can personalize SEO PowerSuite reports already: these drag-n-drop customizables let you hand-pick the data and tailor-make the look of your reports. But — psst — we've just made them even better — and in a whole 4 ways!

Optimal SEO Workflow Guide (free PDF)

June 30, 2015
The SEO PowerSuite Workflow series is complete and available for free download in PDF!

SEO PowerSuite Workflow is both a detailed SEO guide that takes you through all steps of an effective SEO campaign – and a most complete SEO PowerSuite user manual, as it tells you exactly how to implement these steps using the SEO PowerSuite tools.

Improved Keyword Difficulty in Rank Tracker

June 23, 2015
Keywords aren't created equal. Getting ranked for some can take a few on-page tweaks, while others require months of work — and the efforts may never pay back. That's why you need to focus your SEO on cost-effective keywords that aren't too hard to rank for.

But how do you find those? With the help of Rank Tracker's Keyword Difficulty — it just got enhanced with new features for even better and quicker SEO results

Choose SEO PowerSuite's next feature

June 16, 2015
The list of current SEO PowerSuite features is already pretty impressive — but we're eager to fill it up with even more user-suggested functionality. So if there's anything we can do to improve the toolset for you, please tell us what it is.
Share your feature ideas, vote for suggestions made by others and leave your comments — we commit to release the feature that gets the most votes in one of the coming software updates!

NEW: Create Disavow Files in SEO SpyGlass

June 09, 2015
Backlink Auditing and Link Management are perhaps the most complex and time-consuming activities in every SEO's routine — but they don't have to be. Get ready for a smoother, quicker workflow: the latest version of SEO SpyGlass lets you create and manage Google disavow files right in the app, quick and easy!

3 SEO Success Stories from the Pros

June 03, 2015
For small business owners and SEO agencies alike, search marketing can get overwhelming. Figuring out which strategy works best in a given niche, how long it takes to see the results, and what kind of results you can expect to see…

Sometimes tried and tested strategies from the real world of SEO are all you could ask for. And that's exactly what you'll find in the success stories that a leading digital marketing agency, SUSO Digital, is sharing with you today.

New in BuzzBundle: Reach & Multiposting!

May 26, 2015
There's no SEO or online marketing without social media anymore — customers turn to social networks to learn about businesses, and search engines consider social signals important quality indicators (hence ranking factors). Social media marketing is sure to increase your site's rankings, traffic, and sales, as well as boost brand awareness and your company's reputation; but doing it manually can get challenging and time-consuming.

Full Guide to Link Audit & Cleanup

May 12, 2015
Backlinks are one of the most important ranking factors to search engines. And it's a pretty simple idea: the more reliable, relevant resources link to a page, the more useful and valuable that page must be (and the higher rankings it deserves). Similarly, 'bad' backlinks (links from spammy or irrelevant sources) are treated as indicators of poor quality, diminishing the page's value and authority in search engines' eyes and often resulting in ranking penalties. This is why evaluating the status quo and auditing your site's backlink profile is the first off-page step to take.
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