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Max Poliakov

Max Poliakov is an Internet Marketer and Business Analyst. Before joining in 2013 he’d been the head of SEO department at the UK based company for 3 years. His main interests are in-depth analysis, technical side of SEO and workflow optimization. Google+ Twitter

Google “Ranking Factors” Correlation Study Explained

January 10th, 2014 | Max Poliakov


correlation and causationStudies on search engine ranking factors have always aroused heightened interest among digital marketers and website owners. The last correlation research held by moz and searchmetrics are by far the best examples of such studies.

What makes them outstanding is the fact that these effortful studies were performed by true professionals over impressively big amounts of data. Still, they managed to present the results in a simple and easy-to-interpret way.

Perhaps the only obvious defect is the title, which in both cases includes the phrase ranking factors. It confuses many marketers and drives them to the wrong conclusions.

Sure enough, the inclusion of ranking factors 2013 into a title instead of a less attractive and a bit boring "correlation study" forces many readers open the article. There are big chances that you are reading my post thanks to this little trick.

Anyway, these studies are great. What makes MOZ' research even better is that they thoroughly explained the methodology and published a link to the full data archive (420 mb table zipped into 160 mb archive), which allowed some crazy digital marketers including me to do their own research. So let's play with data and see what hidden gems we can find there.
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Getting ready for link building in 15 minutes: Excel link prospecting template inside

June 17th, 2013 | Max Poliakov


Many SEOs think that finding link prospects is a rather boring and tedious task because sometimes it takes days to select a reasonable quantity of good sites. In this guide I'll show you how to reduce the time spent on this activity from several hours to 15 minutes using Google and an Excel spreadsheet you can download for free below.

When it comes to finding sites for link or content placement, all SEOs can be divided into 3 main groups:

  • Novices. They don't know where and how to search and filter results.
    Estimated time spent on the research is from several days to "damn, let's skip it and do something else!"
  • Intermediates. They know what they need to do and filter the results using a couple of tricks.
    Time spent ranges from several hours to one working day.
  • Professionals.  They know all the best practices of finding what they need, have a number of tools to help filter the data (quite often they develop the tools themselves).
    Time required is 15 minutes max.

By link prospecting I mean searching for appropriate websites which don't link to my site BUT will most probably place a link to it if I knock at their door.

Good news: after reading this guide you'll be able to do link prospecting at the velocity of sound.

Link prospecting at the velocity of sound

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