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Here’s what frees your SEO from Google CAPTCHAs: check out discounted Anti-CAPTCHA prices.

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Anti-CAPTCHA prices go down

What’s CAPTCHA and why would you care?

As many SEOs know, any SEO tool you'd find on the market sometimes gets stuck with blocked or interrupted search. And quite often, search engines throw out CAPTCHAs to make sure it's a person, not a machine, who is running checks. So you start getting data again only when you enter a CAPTCHA.

CAPTCHA problem solved for good

Quite a time from now we’ve partnered with a reliable Anti-CAPTCHA service and integrated it into SEO PowerSuite.

Many of you’ve been using and enjoying the great Anti-CAPTCHA feature in SEO PowerSuite that frees your  SEO workflow from  Google’s blocking problems and annoying CAPTCHAs.

Things go as easy as that: now if you wish, you can get an Anti-CAPTCHA Key - and other people will be quickly entering CAPTCHAs for you when:

1) Your data source necessarily requires entering a CAPTCHA (like Google AdWords and Keyword Discovery used for keyword research).

2) Search engines reacted to intensive checks coming from your IP, and stopped showing you results for a while.

Anti-CAPTCHA gets ever cheaper

We’re trying to make Anti-CAPTCHA maximum affordable (especially now that Google troubles us SEOs with CAPTCHAs even more than usually). And we’ve managed to sweet-talk our CAPTCHA recognition service into cutting down the prices.

So check out the new Anti-CAPTCHA pricing and work uninterrupted for as little as 0.36 ¢!

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