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SEOvenger Hunt Day #1

Link-Assistant.Com | Posted in category SEO Contests

All right, gang. The SEOvenger hunt is on....

Over the course of the next 5 days we'll be putting out clues that lead to hidden SEO treasure. Here's an example of how the contest works.

Suppose the clue is:

This fire horse likes to segment his pages

It would lead you to this; 'SEO, firehorse'

Which leads to; 'huomah page segmentation'

And the Easter egg (the SEOvenger Pirate graphic with the answer on it) would be on the page;

As soon as you've located it you head over to the SEOvenger hunt answer form and enter the code phrase.

That was just an example of how the whole thing works. And here's the real deal

Day one clue is:

When SEO Gypsy avoids the lure of magic bullets

Now find the Easter egg and enter it in the answer form

Good luck!

[Update] Day One is over. Day Two clue is here

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