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Typical Day Of A Social Media Manager in GIF

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You just wake up and wish it were all finished

But you walk into the office like a pro

Then you have a long, long, long meeting and you want to finish it all at once and get down to work

But your boss suddenly says hi to you…

…and asks about finishing this important ROI report by noon today. You are like

Of course you start working right away after the meeting

Eventually some folk on the internet reminds you that you have another job and asks some support question

And you ''genuinely'' try to help him *you still have this report to do

While your colleagues think that you're spending most of your time doing

After talking to someone on Facebook and getting back to the report you realize that

Then somebody says something bad about your brand on the web and you try to protect it, but have to desert

It's finally over, but you are so exhausted that you only pretend to be working

However you start working hard again

Lunch time!

When your colleague asks you how's the progress on the report is

Back to work again

Then you realize you're about to finish this report, but you've noticed a small mistake

F*ck-It-I-Am-Leaving stage

Finally you understand how to fix the mistake

You excitedly share the news with your colleagues and expect them to be like

While they are like

OK, you've always known you're the one SMM in your company

Still when it's time to send the report you don't feel so confident

But eventually you send it and are enormously happy

And here comes the moment when you realize that you did nothing of your planned work for today

Posting to your corporate Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn and God knows what else in less than 2 working hours?

Then the client with the support question that you tried to help this morning comes back again

And some other folks more...

Right at this time you see someone on Facebook says your competitor is better than you and this post is liked and shared more than you wanted to. The whole office is like

You still have to write a guest post, talk to people, finish your slideshare presentation and... It's a critical moment when you realize

Your boss sends you an email with a feedback on your ROI report

And it's like

Suddenly you realize how to cope with the ''you suck and your competitor is better" holy war

And you get an email from Slideshare that your presentation is featured on their homepage

Working day is over!

Your colleagues ask what you did today. You try to answer...

But who cares? You still love your job and tomorrow will repeat the very same day

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