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Ways to Market Your Blog Differently

Link-Assistant.Com | Posted in category GuestBox

guest post by Joe Petchonka

Everyone knows that you can do SEO and an assortment of marketing techniques to boost your blog's ranking in Google. While this will certainly drive more traffic to your site, you're missing on the other strategies that not as many people are using. You might think you're doing everything you possibly can to boost your site's traffic and ranking, but there are other lesser known tactics that you can use in tandem to help even more. Below are some of the lesser-known marketing strategies for helping your blog get more traffic.

1. Promote Your Blog Via Forums

Many people seem to forget about this completely, but if you provide great advice and information to particular forums in your niche, you can possibly drive traffic to your own site.

If the visitors of a forum see that you know exactly what you're talking about with a certain subject or several subjects, they'll be more likely to visit your site and see what else they can learn from you.

In addition, you can place your blog's link in the signature section of the forum you're visiting (which is often available), so people can go straight to your site without feeling like they're being persuaded to go.

2. Send Out Email Blasts to Your Friends and Colleagues

While sending out too many emails will look like spam and get immediately ignored or deleted, sending the occasional email blast to a large group of people will definitely work out in the end. You can be creative and send out funny articles to keep your audience interested, or you could even give more of an incentive to visit your site with a free gift or something like that.

Although providing your audience with a preview of your latest information is a good thing, it might be an even better idea to offer full pieces of information. Since most people are very lazy, they may not want to take the time to type your URL or click on your URL to get to your actual blog. If they can read it in its entirety from the email, that would be a pretty good idea. Don't offer all of your content this way, but give just enough to bring them back to your actual blog.

3. Adwords Program by Google

This might not be the best idea for people on a budget, but if you can spare the upfront costs and monthly fees attached, this is a great resource to get your blog the exposure it needs to flourish.

I wouldn't go crazy with this, but if you can slide some of your budget to the side for some effective advertising, you'll be on top of the game compared to your competitors. Your competitors likely won't want to shell out the cash for Adwords if they're a smaller website, so you'll have the upper hand.

These seemingly unconventional methods will certainly give your blog the exposure it craves for, but more importantly, you'll get much more traffic than you could have ever hoped for. And what exactly does more traffic mean? More revenue from affiliate programs that you are signed up with. There are tons of these programs, but if you're not optimized to present them well, you may not see much turnaround.

About the author

Joe Petchonka is the Editor-In-Chief and founder of, which was created in 2011 and hosts funny articles and prod SEO software user. He also holds a bachelor's degree on English and is a professional writer by trade.


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