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Webmaster Tools for a Free-Hosted WordPress Blog: a Beginner’s Guide

February 22nd, 2013 | Alesia Krush


Many bloggers, online entrepreneurs and affiliate marketers choose WordPress as a solution to setting up a free website for their business, since WordPress offers a comprehensive set of web publishing tools that includes a CMS (content management system), hosting, statistics, etc.

But, of course, the free WordPress package has its limitations, the main inconvenience being that you don't have full control of your site's set-up and can't effectively tune it to your needs. However, quite often this is because web publishers are simply not aware of the capabilities a free-hosted WordPress blogs has, and that's what I'd like to cover in this post.

WordPress Stats

Checking web statistics (traffic and engagement) is an integral part of any online promotional campaign. You may have a stunning blog with amazing content, but you need factual data to determine if your blog actually resonates with your audience. Read more »

Bring Old Content to Life and Attract New Links

December 19th, 2012 | Link-Assistant.Com


guest post by Nick Stamoulis 

If you've invested any time and effort into content marketing in the past year, chance are you sitting on top of some great content.

But just because a piece of content is old that doesn't mean it can't still attract new links for your site! In fact, older and aged content tends to do better in the search engines because it's more trusted, so why not leverage this little bit of extra value and bring your old content back to life!

Here are 5 ways you can bring new content to life and use it to generate new links:

1. Update white papers for 2013.

If you've ever written a white paper you know that it's no easy task. Even if you're used to pumping out a lot of great content on a regular basis, writing, publishing and promoting a white paper is a big step up from the usual blog post.

Let's say it takes you an hour or two to write a 500-1000 word blog post—how long did it take you to write that 9 page white paper? Chances are most of the content in your white paper is still relevant to your target audience, and even if there have been major updates to you industry in the past year all you need to do is add a new section as needed. Read more »

Writer’s block – 8 easy ways to cure it for digital marketers

November 28th, 2012 | Link-Assistant.Com


guest post by Charlotte Varela  

Picture the scene: you've set aside an afternoon to write the perfect blog post, brewed some tea, de-cluttered your desk and… nothing. For whatever reason and no matter how hard you stare at your computer screen, an idea just won't materialise.

Writer's block isn't just something that affects literary wordsmiths; even digital marketing experts suffer when they're least expecting it, which means bad news for any content marketing and link building strategies.

It can be easy to forget the intrinsic value of blogging for business. Gone are the days when content was allowed to be sub-par and only created for search engines. It must now be created for users too, serving as a clever tool for both link building and lead nurturing.

And when it comes to lead generation you can't ignore the figures – stats from InsideView indicate that B2B companies with an active blog generate on average 67% more leads each month than non-bloggers.

Impressive right? It just goes to show how potentially threatening writer's block can be, but thankfully you have me on hand to dish out some advice on how to cure it… Read more »

Why Consolidating Your Blog is Worth the Time

September 3rd, 2012 | Link-Assistant.Com


guest post by  Nick Stamoulis

I've been writing my own SEO blog, The Search Engine Optimization Journal, for over 5 years.

With at least two posts (and sometimes 5 or more) going live every week for the past 5 years, I've built up a lot of content. Some of is it great, some of it not so much; but all of it has a little SEO value.

Even if individual posts weren't doing particularly well in the search engines or had zero links or social signals, all those posts contributed to the overall trust factor and SEO value of the blog.

A few months ago I decided I wanted to better leverage the blog and started the very time consuming process of editing, deleting, redirecting and updating those old posts.

Why would I spend countless hours redirecting 4 year old blog posts on a page by page basis? Here are 3 reasons why: Read more »

How to Become a Blog Commenting Super Star with SEO PowerSuite

July 24th, 2012 | Alesia Krush


blog commenting starTo me, blog commenting is a unique way to connect with people in the industry. Why? Because leaving a comment is a great conversation starter. Further on, you can follow the person you're interested in on Twitter/Facebook/G+, exchange emails and what not.

Blog commenting is also an effective link building technique. While most blog links are nofollow, they can be great direct traffic channels at the same time. If you leave interesting comments, people will be eager to learn more about you and may click on the link in your name/signature.

Unspoken blog commenting rules

Just like any human activity, blog commenting has its rules and conventions. It's better to get familiar with those before you start commenting, to avoid learning the hard way and to avoid gaining bad reputation.

Here is a blog post we did on commenting etiquette some time ago. To sum it up, when you comment on somebody's post, make it real-life conversation. You wouldn't want a stranger to approach you and say something meaningless or begin selling you merchandise, would you? So, blog commenting is very much like starting a conversation in real life. Just keep that in mind. Read more »

Why Is Blogging So Popular? 4 Reasons To Start Your Own Blog

July 13th, 2012 | Link-Assistant.Com


guest post by Dragan Palla 

Whether you are a professional or someone who owns their own business, you have probably thought about starting your own blog before. If you haven't taken this step yet, you are really selling yourself short and cutting yourself out of a lot of opportunities.

Anyone can start a blog. It really is that easy, and regardless of what your skills or profession are, you can benefit from your blog in many different ways.

Blogging is becoming increasingly popular because people are beginning to realize just how much owning a blog can help them. If you haven't already, you should consider the many reasons why starting and maintaining a blog could be a great option for you. Read more »