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Are you among the 8% who profit from these SEO PowerSuite capabilities?

Link-Assistant.Com | Posted in category SEO Tools

seo powersuite features

Howdy, fellow online promoters!

Not so long ago, we ran a survey among licensed and non-licensed SEO PowerSuite users that helped figure the most needed features and the strongest points of SEO tools.

Thanks to the folks who answered the questions, we know for sure the three most loved things about SEO PowerSuite that drive people to buying it:

3 drives for paid SEO PowerSuite users

The #4 order motive is a 30-day money-back guarantee :) Quite surprising, but - if you look at it from the other side, it virtually gives you a 30-day free full-functional trial. Keeps anyone on the safe side 😉

7 things that make a huge difference (only if you notice them!)

So, turns out the #1 thing that makes people love SEO PowerSuite is its wealth of features.

Quite true, we've been updating SEO PowerSuite every 2-3 weeks for years to go! Only in 2012, over 200 new big and small things were added. But when SEO PowerSuite users send us feature requests, we see that most people (92%) miss out on some major, extremely important opportunities. And, as much as such features could be useful and help you get higher rankings, drive more site visitors and earn more cash, they rest unnoticed.

Well, statistics might be wrong, but it's easily possible that you miss these features as well. We started with the 7 most important things that people keep asking for, even though they are already there in SEO PowerSuite tools.

These 7 things make a difference. Check them out!

P.S. The big question is, should we go on releasing updates every 2-3 weeks, if the larger part of the functionality goes past the user? Let's get this sorted 😉

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