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Checking Backlink Characteristics

Once you create a project in SEO SpyGlass and select the backlink source, the program collects the backlinks from it and loads the data into the workspaces.

Depending on the source, the program gathers certain data associated with the backlinks at once. You can see the details like Backlink Page Title and Meta Description, Domain IP and Country, Total / External Links from page, Linked Page URL, Anchor details, etc. as soon as backlinks are loaded into the project.

But you can update these details anytime, as well as check many other SEO-factors for the live backlinks to evaluate their quiality.

  • Backlink Page Info: update backlink page details like Title & Description, Backlink Status, Links From PageLink Value, etc.
  • Linked Page Info: check linked page HTTP Status Code.
  • Penalty Risk: check all factors used to calculate Penalty Risk metric.
  • Domain Info: check Domain AgeDomain IP and Country.
  • Backlink Traffic: check referral sessions to your site received through backlinks over the past 30 days (you'll need to connect Google Analytics account).
  • Backlink Authority: check authority metrics for the backlinks, like InLink Rank, Domain InLink Rank, Moz PA/DA, Alexa, etc.
  • Search Engine Cache Dates: check cache date in selected search engines.
  • Social Media Popularity: check social signals across various social media networks.

The factors can be updated in multiple ways, from Backlinks and Linking Domains modules under Backlink Profile.

Firstly, you can select any of the backlinks in the workspace, and hit the Update Factors button: the list of all available factors will pop up, you can tick / untick any to be updated. You can also change it from checking the factor(s) for selected backlinks to all backlinks in the project / current workspace.

Alternatively, you can update any factors for selected backlinks from the context menu right from the workspace: select the backlinks > right-click on the list > choose Update Backlink(s), and the wizard will pop up to choose the factors.

Finally, you can update any specific factor by hovering over its column header - the update icon will apper. Once you click on it, the wizard will pop up with that specific factor selected. By default, it will be updated for all backlinks, unless you change it to selected backlinks.

Click OK, and the program will take some time to check the data, depending on the number of backlinks and factors involved in the task. Once done, it will load the results into the workspaces.

Each module under Backlink Profile has a workspace with the predefined set of columns, showing the details the module covers.

Backlinks and Linking Domains are the two fully-customizable modules where you can add / remove any columns to display any kind of data the program has gathered. Simply click the workspace editting button and tick the columns you need to be displayed in the workspace, or create multiple workspace tabs with specific sets of factors under each.